General probability stuff is assumed, like , finding marginals, conditionals, etc.

Bayesian Nets

  • Bayes law in general
  • Computing the joint for a BN
  • Using the joint to compute arbitrary probabilities and arbitrary conditional probabilities
  • Kalman Model
    • Make sure you understand the inputs and outputs and what it does in general
    • You do NOT need to memorize the formula


  • Axioms of Utility in general, but you do not have to memorize them
  • Computing the Expected Utility
  • Risk averseness in general and what does it means in a practical sense when working with Lotteries (including as in the homework)
  • Be able to do EVSI, like in the Homework

Complex Decision Making

  • Value Iteration
  • Policy Iteration
  • Modified Policy Iteration
  • Q-learning will NOT be on the test
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