For each search algorithm give:

  • A description of how the algorithm works
  • An example execution
  • What is good about it? Where would you use it?
  • What is bad about it? Where would you NOT use it?
  • Is it Complete? Show
  • What is its time complexity? Show
  • What is its space complexity? Show
  • Is it Optimal? Show
  • How does it relate/compare with other algorithms?

The entire presentation should be about 30 minutes leaving a few minutes for questions and transition time. Don't be boring!

You will share a common grade. Practice as a group make sure that everyone can give a clear presentation of his or her part. In addition to my own assessment, I will be asking the class questions to assure that the class has understood. All members of each team need to speak for roughly equal amounts of time in order for the group to get credit for this homework.

Note that you are responsible for describing the algorithm as defined in the book for this class. Please do not describe an algorithm with a similar name that you learned about in another class.

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