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 +==== Dr. Seppi ====
 +* [https://​cs.byu.edu/​faculty/​seppi_kevin Kevin Seppi]
 +* Phone: 422-4619
 +* Office: 3330 TMCB Note that if you don't find me here you should check in my lab, 3342 TMCB
 +* Office Hours: By appointment,​ but please do not be shy!
 +==== Matthew Gardner TA ====
 +* Email: mjg82_at_byu.edu
 +* Phone: 801 422-8717
 +* Office: 3342 TMCB
 +* Hours: 9-2 MTWTh, 9-4 F.  I'm normally pretty quick about answering email if you have a question outside of those times.
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