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 +== Computer Science 470, Spring 2011 ==
 +Introduction to core areas of artificial intelligence;​ intelligent agents, problem solving and search, knowledge-based systems and inference, planning, uncertainty,​ learning, and perception.
 +Pithy statements:
 +* "​[Artificial Intelligence is] The study of how to make computer do things at which, at the moment, people are better."​ Rich and Knight, 1991
 +* "​[Artificial Intelligence is] The study of the computation that make it possible to perceive, reason, and act." Winston, 1992 
 +Use the links below to get to the important stuff
 +* [[Syllabus]]
 +* [[Schedule]]
 +* [[Contact|Contact,​ Hours, etc.]]
 +* Wiki [[Help:​Contents|Help]]
 +== News and Info ==
 +In reverse chronological order:
 +* I will sometimes use [[http://​aima.eecs.berkeley.edu/​slides-pdf/​ slides from Stuart Russell]] in class.
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