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 +We will use grounded theory to analyze interviews conducted on the topic of how people use cloud computing.
 +Each person will be assigned two interviews. Use the open coding process described in the [https://​www.usenix.org/​system/​files/​conference/​soups2014/​soups14-paper-stobert.pdf paper] by Stobert and Biddle. For each interview:
 +* read the interview completely first before doing any coding
 +* make a second pass through the interview and identify a concept that the interview discusses
 +* make a note of the concept on the interview and separately write a post-it note with the concept and a one or two sentence description
 +Bring the interviews and the post-it notes to class. In class, we will conduct the axial coding phase together to identify categories (related codes)
 +and then see if we can integrate these into a cohesive theme (core code) and theory.
 +Each of the concepts you bring on a post-it note could be related to an
 +* objective (what the user wants to accomplish)
 +* action (what the user does)
 +* outcome/​consequence (what happens)
 +* cause (why this happened)
 +* context (attributes of the user, other aspects of their environment that are significant),​ or
 +* strategy (process the user takes to accomplish a task).
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