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 +Go to the Resources page on this wiki and locate the articles under the heading [[resources|Peer Review/​Paper Writing]].
 +Focus primarily on ''​The Task of the Referee''​. You may skim the other articles.  ​
 +Answer the following questions.  ​
 +Submit a 1 page response prior to class to prepare for our discussion (pdf file to Learning Suite). ​
 +Bring a hard copy to class for reference.
 +1) With a better understanding of the task of a reviewer, list 3-5 specific things you can do as a writer to increase the likelihood that your papers will successfully pass through the peer review process and impact your field.
 +2) What new things did you learn that will help you write papers or provide peer review?
 +3) What questions do you have about peer review?
 +If you are already familiar with this article, turn your focus to other articles on the list, or find a complementary article that we can add to this list. You may also write about your own experiences and lessons-learned from participating in the peer-review process as an author or a reviewer. ​
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