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 *    Talk to me about problems related to current research in ISRL. *    Talk to me about problems related to current research in ISRL.
 *    Look through recent conference proceedings for the latest research results *    Look through recent conference proceedings for the latest research results
 +'''​Annotated Bibliography'''​ Due March 10, Friday, 5 PM
 +'''​Status Reports'''​ Informal update on your progress Due on some Thursdays starting on March 3
 +'''​Draft 1'''​ - Due March 17, Friday, 5 PM
 +* No format requirements. ​
 +* Depending on the status of your project, this could be anything from an informal status report to a paper draft. ​
 +* Your draft should convince me that you are being productive and are on track for a successful project.
 +'''​Draft 2'''​ - Due March 31, Friday, 5 PM
 +* Requirements:​
 +# Abstract <​br>​What is the problem? Why is it important? Who cares about it?
 +# References <​br>​Up-to-date reference section with complete information (full venue name, date, etc.) and a consistent style. No annotations.
 +# Related work <​br>​What have others done to solve the problem
 +# Conclusion <​br>​Synthesis of the work
 +# Formatting - Single or double column. I will send you feedback electronically.
 +'''​Final Paper'''​ - Due Tuesday April 12 at 6:00 PM
 +*    Minimum length limit of 4,000 words (excluding references)
 +*    Aim for 4,000-5,000 words
 +*    Single or double column, 11 pt font, 1 inch margins
 +*    Seek outside peer review before submitting final draft
 +*    Submit pdf file online. '''​Add a comment of the approximate word count of the paper excluding references.'''​
 +*    10 pt penalty for each day late
 +*    5 pt penalty if word count not provided
 +*    Grading scale
 +** 10 pts References - consistent style, complete information
 +** 10 pts Abstract
 +** 10 pts Motivation - why is the problem important?
 +** 10 pts Related work - what have others done to solve the problem
 +** 20 pts Synthesis - how well did you synthesize the material and show connections
 +** 20 pts Writing style - polished, evidence of editing and review
 +** 20 pts Writing clarity - can I understand your paper?
 +'''​Final Exam Presentation'''​ - see class schedule  ​
 +*    Time limit: 15-20 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions.
 +*    Submit a copy of slides in ppt format prior to the final.
 +* Grade scale
 +**10 pts Quality of slides
 +**10 pts Delivery - quality of verbal presentation
 +**25 pts Content - how well did the presentation teach the audience about the topic?
 +**5 pts Time management - does it look rehearsed?
 +'''​Self evaluation'''​ - Due before the final exam, submit online
 +*    Length - max one page
 +**        What did you learn?
 +**        What went well and what did not go well with your project?
 +**        What would you do differently if you did the project again?
 +*    COURSE
 +**        What grade do you think you earned?
 +**        What were your strengths displayed during the course?
 +**        What were your weaknesses displayed during the course?
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