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 +=CS 665 Advanced Computer Security=
 +This graduate course explores topics in computer security. We focus on reading recent research papers. There is also a heavy emphasis on writing reviews of the papers we read. Students have opportunities to present the key ideas of a paper to the class. Students also write a survey paper on a current topic in the field.
 +== Winter 2018 Class Meetings==
 +Winter 2018 Class Meetings: 120 TMCB Tu/Th 3:00-4:15
 +Prerequisites:​ CS 465, CS Graduate Student or Instructor Consent
 ==Instructors== ==Instructors==
 Dr. Kent Seamons \\ Dr. Kent Seamons \\
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 Office hours: by appointment Office hours: by appointment
-Dr. Daniel Zappala \\ 
-Office: 2228 TMCB \\ 
-Phone: 801-422-2195 \\ 
-Email: ​ \\ 
-Office hours: by appointment 
-Winter 2016 Class Meetings: 134 TMCB Tu/Th 3:00-4:15 
-Prerequisites:​ CS 465 
 ==Objectives== ==Objectives==
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