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-For a listing of mathematical symbol codes, check out [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:​Formula Symbol Codes+==== Dr. Seppi ==== 
-For help in editing pages you might try [http://​meta.wikimedia.org/​wiki/​Help:Editing Help:Editing] +* [https://cs.byu.edu/email/1912/field_contact Email
-For a general mediawiki FAQ see[http://www.mediawiki.org/​wiki/​Help:FAQ MediaWiki FAQ] +Phone422-4619 
-For help on RSS See [http://​meta.wikimedia.org/​wiki/​RSS wiki RSS]. I think the basic idea is to end the url with/index.php?​title=Special:​Recentchanges&​feed=rss for recent changes or /​index.php?​title=Special:​Newpages&​feed=rss ​for, Duhnew pages. I would love to have a media wiki or rss expert comment on this.+* Office3330 TMCB Note that if you don't find me here you should check in my lab, 3342 TMCB 
 +* Office HoursBy appointment,​ but please do not be shy! 
 +==== TA: Matt Gardner ==== 
 +* Phone801 422-8717 
 +Office3342 TMCB 
 +* Hours9-2 MTWTh, 9-4 F These are also my hours for 470and they should probably have preferencebut hardly anyone ever comes to see me ​Pretty much any time you see me in the lab, I'm happy to help.
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