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This page details the process of building executables.


Building an Executable

To build executables we use the Maven Shade Plugin. To build an executable for a project simply use the following xml in the pom.xml file and perform a Maven install. Using this plugin requires more time than a usual install because the executable build process. All UI projects that are intended to be run standalone and within the Workbench Shell should use this plugin.


            <!-- Plugin for constructing executable jar files
                 This adds some execution time to the build but having
                    executable jars is essential for some users         -->
                                <transformer implementation="org.apache.maven.plugins.shade.resource.ManifestResourceTransformer">
                                    <!-- This needs to point to the main class for the specific project -->


Recovering an Executable

If building the executable on your local machine the executable will be created in your local repository underneath your .m2 folder. Simply browse to the jar file you wish to run. If you do not have the code running on your local machine, you can also get it from Hudson. Again, simply browse to the jar file you are looking for.


List of Executable Projects

This the list of projects that currently generate exectuables:

  • OntologyEditor
  • OntoesUi
  • WorkbenchShell
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