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 +Back to [[Main Page]]
 +This page details the process of building executables.
 +=Building an Executable=
 +To build executables we use the [http://​maven.apache.org/​plugins/​maven-shade-plugin/​ Maven Shade Plugin]. ​ To build an executable for a project simply use the following xml in the pom.xml file and perform a [http://​maven.apache.org/​ Maven] install. ​ Using this plugin requires more time than a usual install because the executable build process. ​ All UI projects that are intended to be run standalone and within the [[Workbench Shell]] should use this plugin.
 +    <​build>​
 +        <​plugins>​
 +            <!-- Plugin for constructing executable jar files
 +                 This adds some execution time to the build but having
 +                    executable jars is essential for some users         ​-->​
 +            <​plugin>​
 +                <​groupId>​org.apache.maven.plugins</​groupId>​
 +                <​artifactId>​maven-shade-plugin</​artifactId>​
 +                <​version>​1.3.3</​version>​
 +                <​executions>​
 +                    <​execution>​
 +                        <​phase>​package</​phase>​
 +                        <​goals>​
 +                            <​goal>​shade</​goal>​
 +                        </​goals>​
 +                        <​configuration>​
 +                            <​transformers>​
 +                                <​transformer implementation="​org.apache.maven.plugins.shade.resource.ManifestResourceTransformer">​
 +                                    <!-- This needs to point to the main class for the specific project -->
 +                                    <​mainClass>​edu.byu.deg.projectname.mainclass</​mainClass>​
 +                                </​transformer>​
 +                            </​transformers>​
 +                        </​configuration>​
 +                    </​execution>​
 +                </​executions>​
 +            </​plugin>​
 +        </​plugins>​
 +    </​build>​
 +=Recovering an Executable=
 +If building the executable on your local machine the executable will be created in your local repository underneath your .m2 folder. ​ Simply browse to the jar file you wish to run.  If you do not have the code running on your local machine, you can also get it from [http://​dithers.cs.byu.edu:​8080/​ Hudson]. ​ Again, simply browse to the jar file you are looking for.
 +=List of Executable Projects=
 +This the list of projects that currently generate exectuables:​
 +* OntologyEditor
 +* OntoesUi
 +* WorkbenchShell
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