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 +'''​December 13'''​
 +* '''​David:​ object-set root
 +* '''​Josh:​ getting wrapped up
 +* '''​Dr. Embley:'''​ wants to be able to launch ground truther from workbench (SIDEBAR), need to check with Joseph on evaluator, SIDEBAR: machines and ER
 +* '''​Dr. Liddle:'''​ will work on dithers upgrade, need to autodeploy jar file to web site
 +* '''​Peter:'''​ finished writing proposal for Dr. Embley’s class; figured out high-level approach; has LG-SOAR running
 +* '''​Tae-Woo:'''​ finished thesis proposal
 +* '''​Thomas:'''​ back into coding; almost done with two of the main pieces
 +* '''​Shin:'''​ worked on writing proposal with Korean colleague
 +'''​October 25'''​
 +* '''​Dr. Embley:''' ​ ER themes: data quality and Big Data; question: how does what we do scale up?  Genealogy is a Big Data problem. ​ Semantic Web billion triple challenge, e.g.
 +* '''​Dr. Liddle:''' ​ Dr. Embley'​s presentation was nice; met with Dr. Scott about VLDB paper; elected ER SC vice chair
 +* '''​Dr. Lonsdale:''' ​ Bio-NLP challenge announced this week; working on MEG proposal (and submitted last MEG report); what's a good definition of ''​ontology''? ​ See Gruber definition. ​ Thomas had a good phrase too:  "​Ontology:​ A machine readable and mathematically specified conceptualization of a collection of facts."​
 +* '''​Peter:''' ​ Working on project definition; finished rough draft of proposal; sorting out what his project connects to.
 +* '''​Tae Woo:''' ​ Focusing on pattern recognition;​ taking NLP & machine learning classes; looking for ML algorithms that can bootstrap themselves
 +* '''​Thomas:''' ​ Working on proposal; finished latest batch of edits
 +* '''​Shin:''' ​ Produced keyword phraser; needs to determine how to find synonyms for query terms (has WordNet synsets, but there are questions); needs stemming algorithms -- use Porter stemmer
 +* '''​David:''' ​ Working on specializations and object-set population
 +* '''​Joseph:''' ​ Working on thesis proposal; needs to update study list
 +* '''​Josh:''' ​ Plugging away at form builder
 +* Sidebar on forms: ​ Embley, Liddle, Monson, Packer (at least)
 +* Sidebar: ​ Tae Woo, Embley, Lonsdale (defer)
 +* Sidebar: ​ Thomas, Peter (defer)
 +* Sidebar: ​ Shin, Lonsdale, Embley (defer, see email)
 +'''​September 20'''​
 +Today will be virtual meeting. ​ Report here which user stories you've accomplished,​ which you're working on, and any blockers you might have or resources you need
 +* '''​Joseph:'''​ Finished #16 and verifying #9 before setting as completed
 +* '''​Josh :'''​ Finished #32, #33, #34 and working on #60
 +* '''​ :''' ​
 +* '''​ :''' ​
 +'''​September 13'''​
 +* '''​Dr. Liddle:'''​ DEXA conference was nice, especially enjoyed getting to know Georg Gottlob, who we invited as a keynote speaker
 +* '''​Josh:'''​ has accomplished several user stories, will combine Form Builder & Annotator tabs; sidebar needed
 +* '''​David:'''​ finished #6, sidebar needed
 +* '''​Joseph:'''​ worked on SPARQL query generation issues; several cases needed fixes; continues to work on adding aggregations into the RDF; worked on generating HyKSS output differently,​ seems to be working better; may need to pursue cleanup of results from HyKSS -- will resolve with Dr. Embley
 +* '''​Shin:'''​ finished generating XML schema from relational schema; working on #10 WoK-RDB
 +* '''​Tae Woo:'''​ spinning up for MS work
 +* '''​Peter:'''​ spinning up for MS work
 +* '''​Dr. Lonsdale:'''​ working on MEG report; we will be submitting request for $20K or so
 +* '''​Thomas:'''​ welcome back! continues to work on proposal
 +* Sidebar: XLang -- Yuri is out for now; Joseph has notes on what we need
 +* Sidebar: Josh/​Liddle/​Embley -- format
 +* Sidebar: David/​Liddle/​... -- n-ary & gen/spec population
 +* Sidebar: VLDB paper Liddle/​Embley
 +'''​September 6'''​
 +* Everyone made progress -- see the backlog spreadsheet
 +'''​August 30'''​
 +Today we introduced Josh Monson (CS undergrad, finishing in December) and Tae Woo Kim (CS masters student) to the rest of the group. ​ We also discussed schedule and procedural issues.
 +* '''​Dr. Liddle:'''​ may want to sidebar on iOS elective with Dr. Embley
 +* '''​Dr. Embley:'''​ getting geared up for the fall semester
 +* '''​Peter:'''​ gearing up for fall semester, read paper on cross-language HyKSS, needs to reinstall some software
 +* '''​Dr. Tijerino:'''​ working on OSMX 2 XSD, see Visual Paradigm, trying to extend to multi-lingual;​ waiting for student in Shanghai on recipe ontology; here till 18th
 +* '''​Tae Woo:'''​ welcome!
 +* '''​Dr. Lonsdale:'''​ went to Japan and UMich AI labs -- went well, gearing up
 +* '''​David:'''​ gearing up for fall, had a baby boy last week
 +* '''​Joseph:'''​ finished 14, 12, 3, 15, SPARQL working for Shin, uses recursive algorithm to figure out rel sets and aggregations,​ needs to work on generating RDF now
 +* '''​Josh:'''​ welcome!
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