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 +* Make run-able from workbench shell:
 +** Add "​Output Folder"​ prompt parallel to the document and ontology library prompts
 +** Tie workbench WoK-HD activation to implementation
 +** Add interface that skips the driver and goes straight to query view for already-processed collections
 +* Resolve object identifiers
 +** Replace osmx ID numbers with <Non-Lex Name of Root G/S>_###
 +*** Use Andrew'​s previous dictionary code, and then place our relabeling code on top of that
 +** Make consistent throughout, especially reasoning chain.
 +* Complete display interface
 +** Highlight all base facts in reasoning chain
 +** Allow for display of multiple pages with highlighted facts
 +** Use multiple colors when highlighting terms
 +** Select all
 +** Select many
 +* Implement full OWL semantics in RDF converter (especially relationship sets)
 +* Complete implementation of recognizers for relationship sets
 +* Complete work on reasoner and rule editor
 +** Support reasoning over multiple pages
 +** Attach reasoning chain to inferred relationship or object
 +** Allow reasoner to add facts to base object and relationship sets
 +** Add built-in predicates (and user-defined predicates?​)
 +** Rule editor doesn'​t map rules to object sets and relationship sets in a generalizable way
 +** UI glitches -- some assumptions don't hold -- name vs. UID
 +* Fix bugs (& unacceptable features) in the Ontology Editor
 +** Use OntologyEditor-2.0 in place of the one in the workbench ??
 +** Retain layout information when saved (works in OntologyEditor-2.0)
 +** Make it easier to select and move relSet/​objSet connections (future work)
 +* Improve AskOntos
 +** Take relationship sets into account (force traversal when called for)
 +** Review and rework graph-traversal algorithm
 +** Add Wh-words to data frames and ensure that they work properly
 +* Use ordered collections to preserve a stable ordering of result facts
 +* Future work
 +** automatic augmentation of data-frame recognizers (draw from WordNet?)
 +** Automatic tuning of recognizers for large documents (e.g., build name/place recognizers,​ discover applicable recognizers such as date, discover Hurst patterns, ...)
 +** optimize query processing (cross-ontology processing is particularly slow)
 +** FOCIH form interface (enhance look&​feel,​ make it work for pdf documents)
 +** Fact linkage (resolve object-identity)
 +** Automatically integrate extraction ontologies with declared domain ontologies
 +** Make use of constraints to discover inconsistencies (& figure out how to deal with inconsistencies)
 +** Do gender inference (based on whatever clues are available, including given names)
 +** Add table-processing work to WoK (TANGO, TISP)
 +** ListReader
 +** Bootstrapping for large documents (semi-structured text recognizers followed by derived data-frame recognizers applied to unstructured text followed by document-tailored Hurst patterns and reapplication of data-frame recognizers) ​
 +** Make object identifiers consistent throughout: object set data editor, relationship set data editor, converter, RDF, SPARQL query generator, result output, reasoning chain.
 +** Add HyKSS display including ranking, sorting, and advanced form search
 +[[File:​IMG_20110915_102415.jpg|600px|Whiteboard Discussion Summary 9/15/2011]]
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