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 +'''​July 5, 2016'''​
 +* Dr. Liddle gone to Philmont
 +'''​June 28, 2016'''​
 +* Dr. Liddle gone to Girls Camp (Shalom)
 +'''​June 21, 2016'''​
 +'''​June 14, 2016'''​
 +* '''​Dr. Liddle''':​ still need to get going with COMET; did some work with Dr. Embley; Tae Woo didn't show up for meeting
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: fixed end-of-line hyphen problem (original text vs. user text, etc.); been playing with machine learning front end for named entity recognition (Stanford NLP)
 +* Dr. Woodfield: working on other stuff, like teaching
 +* Dr. Embley: working on lots of aspects of the pipeline, especially GEDCOM-X at the back end; even deals with text without annotations that can come up; worked on gender designators
 +* COMET future
 +* Except clauses in regular expression matching
 '''​May 31, 2016'''​ '''​May 31, 2016'''​
 * Dr. Liddle and Dr. Embley and Dr. Woodfield met and talked * Dr. Liddle and Dr. Embley and Dr. Woodfield met and talked
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