This is the DEGWiki, a documentation and reference site for the Data Extraction Group (DEG), a multidisciplinary research group in the Department of Computer Science, the Information Systems Department, and the Department of Linguistics and English Language at Brigham Young University.

The aim of the Data Extraction Research Group is the extraction and structuring of data from unstructured and semi-structured electronic documents, such as those found on the Web and in many different data warehouses.

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  • DEG Application Development Framework - Contains information on the framework being used by the DEG group and links to information and instructions.
  • Software Engineering Standards - A list of software engineering and project management best practices that Thomas will be proposing for the DEG group to adopt and adapt as needed.
  • Computer Science Methodology - A discussion of good practices that could be used in computer science research and communication.
  • OSMX Document Conventions - List of conventions that must be followed in creating OSMX Documents in order to work with the data file converter.

How To

Code Specific

  • Using Git - Instructions on using our Git repository.
  • Initial Setup 4 - Detailed instructions on how to set up the project for new users.
  • Workbench Additions - Instructions on how to add additions the the Workbench Shell.
  • Workbench Browser - Details about the Workbench browser and instructions on how to set it up.
  • Executables - Details on the executable build process
  • IDE Tools - Instructions on how to use various IDE tools to assist with the project. Also includes instructions on how to perform tasks specific to the IDE.
  • Logging - Instructions on how to configure Log4J debugging output with your projects.
  • HyKSS - Instructions on how to run HyKSS and general information about the project and its architecture.

Lab Specific

  • Printing in the Lab - How to set up printing in the DEG lab.
  • Using Hudson - How to create a login and receive build failure notifications from our Hudson continuous integration server.
  • DEG Email Lists - How to use the DEG email lists: general and SVN.
  • SVN Email - How to set up SVN to send email to an email list when someone commits changes to the repository.

Example Files


Notes on Full-Line Implementation

Group Members' To-Do Lists


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