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-'''​Winter 2014 Meetings:''' ​Mondays at 3:​30-4:​30pm,​ Starting Jan. 6+'''​2 July 2013'''​
-'''​Dec. 17, 2013:'''​ +NOTEDEG weekly meetings will move forward ​to 2pm instead ​of 4pm on Tuesdays.
-* Finals Week: those who can, come; those who can't, no pressure +
-* Joseph: made some minor updates ​to heuristic code, etc.; finished most of FROntIER rule editor +
-* Dr. Liddle: new granddaughter! Has to-dos with paper and annotator +
-* Thomas: coding and debugging (on step 9 of about 20 in the pipeline) +
-* DrWoodfield: working on agreement of definitions for "power levels"​ in conceptual modeling +
-* Dr. Embley: family history lunch; spoke with Dave Brown at tech transfer -- we'll license our technology to Church for $0 cost +
-'''​Sidebars:'''​ which pages are we going to process; ​+
-'''​Dec10, 2013:'''​ +* DrEmbleywill be out of town next week with Dr. Nagy; need to coordinate with David on how to treat special cases (SIDEBAR); also needs to sidebar 
-Dr. Liddleprogress ​on logging +* Josephworking ​on an interface for entity resolver; has more to do there; working on some path issues 
-Peterwrestled with LG parser, planned algorithm ​for semantic work, worked on apps for PhD programs +Samanthahas made a lot of progress on the form builder ​for form collections;​ has reference-to button working; ​worked on usability issues (DEMO); up next: annotator 
-* Dr. Lonsdalealso worked on obituaries data; need to be able to publicly serve obituaries +* Dr. Liddlehas been working with students and HyKSS paper 
-* Tae-Woo: had been working ​on proposal, but found an issue to resolve first; fixed issue and back on proposal +* Tae Woo: needs to move workstation to laptop (SIDEBAR ​on Eclipse ​and SVN) 
-* Thomas: ​continuing ​with simplified grammar induction approach -- reimplemented first few of several steps +* Thomas: ​working on pattern recognition,​ integration ​with old code; will try to run experiments with it soon, so may need to label some more data 
-* Shin: outlining paper for ER 2014; working on SQL queries ​over multiple databases; schedule: will leave USA on Jan. 15 +* Shin: implementing algorithms ​for shortest path connecting object sets recognized from queries 
-Dr. Embleynegotiate schedule for Winter 2014Family History lunchchapter officially accepted ​(sidebar) +Davidfinished making exporter able to reference things from any part of the JSONhas generalizations properly propagating object memberships; (SIDEBAR)
-'''​Sidebars:'''​ chapter accepted+
-'''​Dec. 3, 2013:'''​ +'''​25 June 2013'''​
-* Plan on meeting with Church History group at 2:30pm+
-'''​Nov262013:'''​ +* David: has been working on reference attributes; currently works with form, single field; working on more cases 
-Happy Thanksgiving! ​ No research meeting today.+* DrEmbley: working with everyone; Church History people are willing to help us annotateso we need to get the annotation tool in shape to get started (high priority item) 
 +* Josephhas committed ontology snippet editor code; should be up and running; tried to create form using form builder (Samantha's dev build), ran into some issues (sidebar right after with SS & SL) 
 +DrLiddle: has been working with many group members, especially on JS code 
 +* Samantha: has been working on reference-to button, related elements of the form builder 
 +* Stephen: fixed some bugs in regex tool, will continue working on plugging in to annotator page (sidebar SM & SL to discuss nav bar design) 
 +* Tae Woo: is trying to run OntoES on his project; has questions about why 
 +* Thomas: continuing to implement new regular expression induction process for lists 
 +* Shin: still implementing algorithm to decide paths between object sets to generate SQL queries
-'''​Nov. 21, 2013:'''​ +'''​18 June 2013'''​
-* Dr. Embley is doing the CS colloquium at 11:00am.+
-'''​Nov19, 2013:'''​ +* DrLonsdalereported on trip to Ann Arbor and LG-SOAR Workshop, and how Peter is doing; going on two more trips next two weeks 
-Tae-WooWorking ​on proposalalmost donehopes Dr. Embley feels the same. ;-) +Dr. Embleyhas been working with Dr. Nagy on tablesneed to identify machines that no longer belong to us (sidebar)has been talking with Church about work for the fallthey want to start doing some "​ground truthing"​ 
-* Joseph: ​Worked ​on improving rel-phrase heuristics, specifically ​for obituaries, ​to use actual matched textneeds further discussion ​with Dr. Embley perhapsalso worked ​on version numbers for FROntIER 1.1 and OntoES 2.4; HyKSS still works, but with OntoES 2.3 +* Joseph: ​has been working ​on interface ​for ontology snippets; close to finishingtaking longer than originally expected due to complex interactions ​with other projectswill be working more on interfaces 
-* Dr. Lonsdalesent around newer listing of randomized pagesstill needs to do skip pages piece +* Dr. Liddlehas been working with various studentshas priorities ​to discuss with Samantha 
-Petercode is working ​for a couple of simple examples to go all the way through, end-to-end; needs to discuss some elements with Dr. Lonsdale +Samantha: working ​on default button (sidebar) 
-* Shin: found that RDB annotator has some problemsthere are some object- and relationship-sets that aren't being recognized; still working ​on SQL generatorneeds to sketch out a paper; Dr. Embley has feedback for Shin from ER2013 +* Shin: got final permission from Korea to extend stay; working ​to generate ​SQL; will replace AskOntos code (sidebar) 
-Thomasmight be done with the math he's been working on for several weeks; has finished several proofs; next step is to try to do the empirical partstill trying to follow up on Dr. Barrett'​s suggestion ​to meet with Dr. Ringger +Tae Woo: working on TWK; has found lots more details ​to work on with patternswill need to coordinate ​with Joseph 
-Dr. LiddleER 2013 was nice; working ​with Christopher ​on annotation tool +Thomashad fun looking for fossils and petroglyphs; working on new way to deduce regular expressions for lists in a way that uses unlabeled text better; has couple questions about Hudson 
-Dr. Embleydittofound some issues ​with the annotator -- some form isn't working right; has written some things in the backlog; also found an issue with relationship-set display in the Ontology Editor +Stephenhas been working on regex toolhas popovers completed ​with capture groups, etc.; has a few bugs to iron out (sidebar: quick demo for Joseph) 
-'''​Sidebars:'''​ sync up for annotation project+* Davidfixed bug on bounding boxes in annotated components; has proposed JSON input for collections and references; would like to real JSON from the form builder as soon as possible
-'''​Nov. 5, 2013:'''​ +'''​Things We Need to Coordinate'''​
-* Peter: working on code; most is working; but progress feels slow (2 days jury duty, GRE, oral & written Mandarin midterms); needs to apply this month to PhD programs +
-* Tae-Woo: working on proposal +
-* Thomas: still working on minimum description length principle; trying to code what he's seen in other papers; can understand why what others have done won't work in his situation; is focusing on the mathematics behind it +
-* Shin: ran into some problems processing free-form queries (HyKSS not recognizing object or relationship sets in heterogeneous context); isn't quite sure how to make HyKSS do what he needs it to do; needs to identify whether the problem is in his code or in the HyKSS code +
-* Dr. Woodfield: working on extensions to conceptual models to handle family history concepts; e.g. crisp cardinality constraints in CM vs. distributions with confidence intervals in family history context +
-* Dr. Embley: continued working on keynote; continues to work on obituary project +
-* Dr. Lonsdale: has another set of random page ranges for us; is aware of every-other-page-blank situation now +
-* Dr. Liddle: getting ready for ER2013; Matthew Sheets did submit an ORCA proposal +
-'''​Sidebars/​blockers:​''' ​Tae-Woo & Thomas (negative example -- false positive -- where did precision fail?); Shin & Dr. Embley at 3:30pm; ground-truthing tool+
-'''​Oct292013:'''​ +* Need to complete Aaron's code to handle form collections and references so that Joseph can produce ground truth documents. 
-Plan to hear dry run of DrEmbley'​s keynote presentation+* Need to complete OSMX conversion for form collections and references. 
 +* Need to make decision about guarantees with references: when we reference something, that something must be there. ​ But what happens when we delete something that is referenced?  ​''​'​Decision:'''​ let's take the easy route and disallow deletion of fields that are currently referenced. 
 +* Can "​versioning"​ work?  I.e., how far can we evolve OSMX before we break things? ​ '''​Answer:''' ​POM files use version numbers. ​ We just need to make sure we increment the minor version number if we make significant changes to the schema. 
 +Need to make OSMX schema changes for matched text.
-'''​Oct. 22, 2013:'''​ +'''​11 June 2013'''​
-* Dr. Embley: spending almost all time on keynote presentation;​ up soon: training missionaries (four forms for missionaries are on Joseph'​s account) +
-* Joseph: looked at Sifter-produced docs; worked on thesis +
-* Peter: has been working on thesis code; would like to sit in on annotation training session +
-* Dr. Lonsdale: has a dozen students champing at the bit to annotate some things (could do first attempt at the task we're going to eventually hand the missionaries);​ working with a lot of other people; wants to discuss next stage for Sifter +
-* Shin: still working on generating SQL queries from free-form queries; needs to figure out how to combine multiple databases (union and join issues) +
-* Thomas: working on grammar induction (continues forever and ever!); has learned a fair amount from this week's experiments (memory issues); will work on making sure new grammar rule formula will work for future grammar rules +
-* Dr. Woodfield: appreciated discussion from last week with the group; has vocabulary question about his philosophical paper: is there a word that describes the fact that we can only talk about things that our language can express? ​ (Don't use Sapier-Whorf hypothesis, but this is in the neighorhood;​ perhaps the "frame problem"​ is somewhat in the neighborhood as well.) +
-* Dr. Liddle: resurrection demo; has been working with Christopher so the original Ontos (.rev2) runs again; now focusing on web-based annotation tool+
-'''​Sidebars/​Blockers:'''​ Where are we with annotationwhat'​s ​next?+* Shinfinished up paperwork to extend stay; waiting for final permission from his university; still implementing SQL generator; has had some plumbing problems to deal with this week. :-( 
 +* Joseph: working on interface for ontology snippets; using NetBeans GUI editor to create UIbut needs to plug it in to dataframe project; has most of interface up already; working on choosing predicate mappings; talked about OSMX schema for matched text with Dr. Embley; need sidebar with Dr. Liddle, Dr. Embley sometime 
 +* Dr. Liddle: has worked with several students on their projects 
 +* TaeWoo: still implementing TWK; almost done finding patterns; needs to meet with Joseph to make regexp to feed into FRONTIER 
 +* Stephen: added hover ability over highlights in regex tool; will demo to the group after reports 
 +* David: working on test cases; has weird jUnit test NPE that was affecting next test in sequence; has reordered tests;  
 +* Dr. Embley: reported on Dagstuhl workshop; he'​s ​baa-ack!
-'''​Oct. 15, 2013:'''​ +'''​4 June 2013'''​
-* Dr. Embley: finally got down to Moab to visit Arches with his family! ​ ML-OntoES paper revision is submitted +
-* Joseph: Look at JsonToOsmx, disabled unit tests to allow build to complete successfully,​ appears to be working aside from faulty unit tests; did some work on object existence rules for specialization objects +
-* Dr. Lonsdale: has two sample sets; worked on ML-OntoES paper; worked with Peter +
-* Dr. Liddle: worked on ML-OntoES paper; worked with Christopher (Java done, C++ infer program nearly done; next up: web programming);​ worked with Michael Bean +
-* Peter: has a new granddaughter! spent time refactoring SOAR bits; did some work on Big Data bits +
-* Tae-Woo: tried to tackle ontology snippet problem; worked on rewriting input to a simpler form +
-* Thomas: has been working on debugging and fixing grammar induction issues (micro issues, not macro) +
-* Shin: working on SQL generator; checking whether it works on a set of pre-formed queries across multiple databases with different schemas; looking for efficient new methods for generating keyword phrases over object sets in specific domains +
-* Dr. Woodfield: working further on extending conceptual modeling project; looking at intersection of family history and conceptual modeling+
-Discussion ​of "right" ​label for modeling in human way, not a programmer waymention of Alan Newell'​s book (Unified Theories of Cognitionand the use of the term "​band"​ (Newell defines four bandsneural, cognitive, rational and social)+David: has been working on bugs; has more to work on 
 +* Joseph: decided to revert changes to OSMX2 schema; ran into some issues; needs a sidebar at some point on this issue (when Dr. Embley gets back); working on interface for defining ontology snippets 
 +* Dr. Liddle: worked with several students this past week on various aspects ​of our projects 
 +* Samantha: has been working on "default" ​button ​for annotator; has fixed "​reference to" button; needs to know exactly what "​default"​ button is supposed -- sidebar today 
 +* TaeWoo: implementing TWK to make pattern for reading from JSON fileneeds right JSON package for Java -- sidebar 
 +* Thomas: DONE with paper!! ​(w00t); ready to discuss next idea with Dr. E 
 +* Stephen: Has working version ​of [RegExp tool on server|http://​dithers.cs.byu.edu/​annotator.sm/​regex.html] -- let's demo; ready input on next tasks
-'''​Sidebar:''' ​Steve & Deryle, Steve & Thomas+'''​28 May 2013'''​
-'''​Oct. 8, 2013:'''​ +* Dr. Liddleworked with several students this past week on various aspects of our projects 
-* Dr. Embleypaper submitted, progress ​on OntoES-ML paper, interesting obituaries task to address (NDA) +Samantha: progress on web sitedelete button ​doesn'​t ​work now, though (for existing form); sidebar 
-Josephmade some progress on JSON-to-OSMXbut it needs more work (doesn'​t ​produce expected) +* Dr. Lonsdale: working with Peter; ​will be in Michigan at conference next week 
-* Peter: finished thesis proposal, made more progress on writingback to coding +* Peter: has been getting up to speed on the software architecture ​and annotator; working on code for more sentence semantics linked with ontologies; will be in MI for the rest of the summer 
-* Dr. Lonsdale: working with Peter, retrained Sifterneeds input on what to train on and what pages to randomly pick (estimates 2/3 good books in the set of 200); has a dozen students in Linguistics Tools class ready to do annotation +TaeWoostill working on proposal; has made some updates that he emailed ​to Dr. Embley; ​working on TWK programdoesn't know how to get JSON from server 
-Shinadopting new method for handling keyword phrases; has tried to compile LaTeX independently of his system, but no luck so far +* Thomas: ​almost done with paper 
-* Tae-Woo: ​working on how to handle many patternsit's a challenge ​to deal with many patterns; trying various approaches +* Stephen: almost done with regex recognizer tool; wants to sidebar ​on highlighting text issue 
-* Thomas: ​continuing ​to work on redesigning pattern-finding codegetting closer, but it's slow [reminder: will need to set up meeting with committee in December] +* David: worked on test cases; annotated components are being saved properly; lexical n-aries work now; need to understand DEG product backlog better (sidebar) 
-Dr. Woodfieldlots of interesting side issues are popping up (the pyramid isn't as clean as hoped) +Shinstill working on implementing SQL generation; working on extending stay till December 2013 
-Dr. Liddlereprocessed PDF examples; Founders ConferenceE-Week were a success, progress with Christopher ​on old Ontos (not OntoES)+Josephworking on cleaning up heuristics codesome clean-up; currently working ​on match-text code
-'''​Sidebars:''' ​OntoES-ML paper +'''​21 May 2013'''​
-'''​Blockers:'''​ object-existence rules for specializations problem; font or character set in obituaries (Spanish characters) giving trouble in using Frontier (may need to run through iconv to convert to UTF-8)+
-'''​Oct1, 2013:'''​ +* Joseph: working on heuristics; no blockers 
- +* DrLiddleworking with several students 
-Presentation from Dr. Lonsdale on sifter process +* Samantha: working on highlighting given an offset (sidebar with Dr. Liddle & Stephen M. -- ready for more to do) 
-Shinfixed some bugs, updated SQL generator so it generates UNION operations for gen/spec and SQL statements for INNER JOIN +Peter: working a lot with Dr. Lonsdale on strategy for OntoSOAR; thinks strategy is pretty well figured out; starting to write code (sidebar with Dr. Liddle) 
-Dr. Woodfieldworked ​on philosophical view on Family History Research +TaeWooworking on proposal 
-Dr. Embley: got Frontier running, ran in to some bugs/​blockers ​that Joseph knows about (or will know about soon); couldn'​t ​run directly ​from PDF; needs to try version from Jenkins; revived the product backlog+Thomasstill working ​on the paper with the extended deadline 
 +Stephen: got going on regular expression project 
 +* David: still has blocker of something ​that reverted but didn't work or doesn'​t ​appear to (sidebar with Dr. Liddle) 
 +* Shin: has been implementing SQL generated ​from ontology and keyword phrasesusing minimal cluster spanning tree algorithm; after implementing ​needs to discuss with Dr. Embley
 * Dr. Lonsdale: working with Peter * Dr. Lonsdale: working with Peter
-* Joseph: did some work on help parameter for Frontier; got sidetracked otherwise 
-* Dr. Liddle: hired Dr. Woodfield'​s student, made progress on getting him going in the porting project; discovered some issues with Antlr; etc.; worked with Michael Bean on other project 
-* Peter: finalizing thesis proposal; trying to get clarity on the mapper; wrote up ideas on evaluation component 
-* Tae Woo: working on issue of having 1000s of patterns; has some ideas to discuss 
-* Thomas: working through some data structures and algorithms on grammar induction; has almost given up on Kae build problems 
-'''​Sidebars:'''​ almost out of time on the paper, Peter'​s thesis, Jenkins Kae build 
-'''​Sep. 24, 2013:'''​ 
-* Dr. Woodfield: has a solution in search of a problem and some interesting directions to study 
-* Tae Woo: working on GreenFIE project, found some cases where it makes erroneous suggestions and other issues; made pattern to recognize paragraph info structure; that pattern could be useful for processing next page in Ely book 
-* Thomas: working on coding, pattern-finding,​ bug-fixing, etc.  Needs to figure out how to export png in graph tool.  Questions on Jenkins. 
-* Shin: new daughter!! Still recovering from long hospital stay and Mr. Mom duties. ​ (Congratulations,​ Shin!) 
-* Peter: working on clarifying algorithm for semantic/​linguistic data matching; hopes to send something to Dr. Embley before Thursday (1152 TMCB for Thu mtg) 
-* Dr. Embley: trying to run software; things didn't work out with annotator.ss;​ working with Joseph on trying to run Frontier; wants to make progress on obituary extraction project 
-* Joseph: worked with Dr. Embley on Frontier end-to-end run; close, but a few more changes needed 
-* Dr. Lonsdale: installed French Obituary folder and ran into troubles; now running; worked on sifter and produced linked output file of valid data (3-page runs, sometimes several in a good doc) 
-* Dr. Liddle: worked on Samantha'​s & Stephen'​s code for annotator; worked on old Gold Annotator; checked on old Ontos.rev2 code (4244 l.o.c.) 
-'''​Sidebars/​Blockers:'''​ annotator web tool, obituary extraction process 
-'''​Sep. 17, 2013:'''​ 
-* Dr. Liddle: worked on issues with PDFIndexer, obituaries, Jenkins 
-* Dr. Woodfield: worked on things not related to this group 
-* Dr. Embley: trying to get set up, code running, etc., thinking about obituary processing; worked on ML-OntoES paper 
-* Joseph: got sick last week, didn't get as much accomplished;​ uploaded workbench jar file into Google Drive 
-* Peter: working on OntoSOAR, installed some tools on his machine and Linguistics Lab machine (Eclipse plugin for SOAR); wrote some multi-sentence Java code 
-* Dr. Lonsdale: improved OntoSOAR parser; made progress on ML-OntoES paper; set up the classification system -- the sifter -- and found issues with PDFIndexer; ported sifter to supercomputer (mostly); how do we report 3-page ranges? 
-* Tae Woo: working on TWK -- possibly GreenFIE; working through some of the synergistic interaction questions 
-* Thomas: working on grammar induction still; ​ 
-'''​Sidebars:'''​ obituaries, sifter, Jenkins 
-'''​Blockers:'''​ Jenkins isn't cooperating (Thomas to look into this) 
-'''​Sep. 10, 2013:'''​ 
-* Joseph: looked over David'​s code, found conflicts on update, is working on resolution; not as simple as just commenting out test cases; has more of that to do 
-* Dr. Liddle: has been working on ER 2013 travel arrangements,​ PDF indexer -- blocker with splitting PDFs 
-* Dr. Lonsdale: has made progress on his part of the paper (draft); needs to get together with Steve; may have till Oct. 13 
-* Peter: is looking at Harwood book, combination of parser & segmenter still has problems with the sample texts; will visit with Dr. Lonsdale; also has reconstructed summer code, getting some matches 
-* Thomas: working on grammar induction, debugging 
-* Dr. Woodfield: has continued discussions on paper -- talking about power, why extend/add to conceptual models; when does a construct become first class 
-* Dr. Embley: back in town; need candidates to hire as RAs 
-'''​Sidebars:'''​ resolve PDF splitting questions, end-user interface 
-'''​Blockers:'''​ PDFIndexer, HyKSS demo, other demos?, Joseph needs data, Dr. E has trouble with WinSCP 
-'''​Sep. 3, 2013:'''​ 
-* Peter: spent summer at SOAR Tech, gave brief report on experiences 
-* Dr. Lonsdale: ported family history classifier on dithers; ready to process text files (blocked by PDFIndexer multi-page tool); remember 9/21 deadline for paper; teaching undergrad class on linguistics tools -- would like to get students on the annotator tool 
-* Tae Woo: has been in Korea, working on personal and family business; back in the saddle now; has 2 classes this semester 
-* Thomas: presented HIP paper a couple weeks back (nice job!), Jake offered to help get more data; working on extending simple list grammar induction process to handle more complex record types 
-* Shin: almost done with SQL generation, but has some bugs to fix, adapting WordNet similarity for Java to handle keyword phrases 
-* Dr. Embley: attended HIP and ICDAR: someone is doing online handwriting recognition (could apply to detection of novel features, like early signs of Alzheimer'​s or autism -- often the things we do have far-reaching implications,​ beyond what you first think); wanted to tackle the problem of grand unification in terms of pattern recognition (Rejean Plamondon, Ecole Polytecnique de Montreal); Golden Age of Manuscript Studies and Imaging Technologies (reuse of papyrus, ability to pick up various writing layers with multi-spectral imaging); ICDAR had competitions -- we should see if we can sponsor one (similar to WEPS, like what we're doing with Church now); talked with ABBY rep there, and ability to zone -- should be able to handle it; HIP would like to be more practical in the sense of being useful to end users; needs HyKSS demo restarted 
-* Joseph: has committed changes to evaluator on rev. 1.1 so original evaluator; blocker: needs data 
-* Dr. Liddle: read through reviewer comments on HyKSS paper and read recommended additional references, needs to spend more time on PDFIndexer and resetting the demo tools 
-* Dr. Woodfield: is working on domain-specific conceptual modeling; (1) conceptual models don't let you represent certain things (e.g. probability distributions on participation constraints),​ (2) conceptual models are quite crisp, but we want to be able to override constraints sometimes, (3) evidence/​probability modeling constructs are not first-class features; primary question is "what are the problems with current conceptual models?"​ 
-'''​Sidebars:''' ​sifter, main line (Liddle needs to deal with the blockers here)+'''​14 May 2013'''​
-'''​Blockers:'''​ PDFIndexer, HyKSS demo, other demos?Joseph ​needs data+* Josephworking on ontology snippets -- working to level that generates objects/​relationships and works with other recognizers;​ will be refining obj/rel generation process; using single data structure 
 +* Dr. Liddle: has been working with Samantha & Stephen on getting up to speed with web dev; working on revision to PVLDB manuscript for JDS 
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: meeting with Petertrying to scope out thesis 
 +* Peter: working on thesis scope 
 +* TaeWoo: working on thesis proposal paper and writing Java program for pattern matching 
 +* Thomas: editing paper (extended deadline: arrggh!) 
 +* Samantha: got the "add a form" button to work! 
 +* Stephen: made a number of small layout changes to home page 
 +* David: ​needs sidebar on test cases he's writing; in meantime will work on fixing n-ary structures 
 +* Shin: almost done with algorithm; working on algorithm for overriding AskOntos (maybe needs to start from scratch?); maybe needs sidebar? 
 +* Dr. Embley: has been working with everyone, lots of hours with Peter and Thomas; heading out of town Thursday; has presentation for Dagstuhl
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