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 +'''​Apr. 21, 2014:'''​
 +* Thomas: still working on a paper, presentation went well, just needs to figure out last few things to put in the paper (aimed at TKDD)
 +* Christopher:​ finished all finals, getting ready to head home; finished #164 highlights following focus to form (one minor issue); several issues not reproducible
 +* Dr. Embley: working with everyone (fun with Dr. Woodfield)
 +* Dr. Liddle: lots of grading, has given two finals, lots more grading yet to do; worked with CA & DWE/SNW
 +* Dr. Woodfield: took first cut at explanations/​story for workshop paper; ready to help with additional rounds of revision
 +* Peter: lots of work on code; got it to recognize sons & daughters; fixed up segmenter (LG parser is sensitive to chosen segments); now working on thesis doc; results chapter first draft will be ready soon; whole line is working now! w00t!
 +* '''​Sidebars:'''​ annotator (user stories/​backlog);​ CA summer work; ensemble discussion
 +'''​Apr. 14, 2014:'''​
 +* Tae Woo presents proposal defense
 +'''​Apr. 7, 2014:'''​
 +* Thomas presents
 +* Peter: has end-to-end process with OSMX file coming out; working on broadening the last half of the path
 +* Christopher:​ finished redoing buttons (story 182); working on uploading JSON file; working on highlights & focus
 +* Tae Woo: worked on evaluation part of proposal; has some blockers about how to run FRONTIER
 +* Dr. Embley: made progress on paper with Dr. Woodfield; made progress on obits
 +* Dr. Liddle: worked with Christopher & Dr. Embley & Dr. Woodfield on various things
 +* Sidebar: annotator & GreenFIE-HD & how to query DB, family history books & how it fits in to projects
 +'''​Mar. 31, 2014:'''​
 +* Dr. Lonsdale presents
 +'''​Mar. 24, 2014:'''​
 +* Dr. Lonsdale presents (CMU+)
 +* Liddle out of town
 +'''​Mar. 17, 2014:'''​
 +* Dr. Woodfield presents (FHT Workshop)
 +* Peter presents (FHT Workshop)
 +'''​Mar. 10, 2014:'''​
 +* Thomas: continues writing
 +* Christopher:​ added alt-click feature, handled hyphen-end-of-line special cases, font scaling; has several questions for the product owner
 +* Dr. Embley: worked with everyone, worked some with Dr. Nagy (he was able to open an ontology file with our Workbench)
 +* Joseph: implemented a number of features requested in the backlog (dictionaries,​ hyphen-newlines,​ etc.); tested annotator, needs connection to database
 +* Dr. Liddle: PDFIndexer finally reworked
 +* Peter: has worked on code for meaning structures; has first draft of PPT to present at FHT Workshop; has played with annotator a bit
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: worked on Multilingual paper; trained TA who is now annotating; working on three talks he'll be giving in next couple of months
 +* Tae Woo: worked on first draft of proposal and presentation for today
 +* Tae Woo presents (3 min. presentation for Spring Research Conference)
 +'''​Sidebars:'''​ annotator demo, additional features needed, questions for product owner [10 min.]; evaluation procedures [5 min.]; coding setup for Tae Woo [30 min.]; scanned book project with OntoSOAR, ListReader, GreenFIE-HD (presentation on what to ask the annotators to extract) [10-15 min.]; multilingual paper [10 min.]
 +'''​Mar. 3, 2014:'''​
 +* Dr. Woodfield: have gotten to the point in the paper where they'​re moving on to model descriptions,​ and it's coming.... (could lead to an ER paper)
 +* Dr. Embley: has been working with obituaries and FROntIER (w/Joseph), and things appear to be working
 +* Joseph: working on ontology snippets a bit more; found issue with lexical capture groups and relationship sets that is now fixed
 +* Dr. Liddle: set up Ling 240 annotation set with extra slots for Dr. Lonsdale, Dr. Embley, and an RA or two; continued working with Christopher;​ made minimal progress on PDF Indexer; reviewed GreenFIE-HD UI proposal
 +* Peter: writing literature review portion of thesis, working on summer employment prep and licensing/​IP issues
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: will work on Ling 240 annotation set tomorrow morning; has thesis defense Wednesday, so can't make regular meeting
 +* Tae Woo: made progress on GreenFIE-HD UI and related work section of proposal
 +* Thomas: adding to annotated test set (15% of 500-page book); rerunning experiments;​ added variation to ListReader that seems to help; digging into precision/​recall a bit more
 +* Christopher:​ reported on progress on several items
 +'''​Sidebars:'''​ GreenFIE-HD,​ annotator
 +'''​Feb. 24, 2014:'''​
 +* Joseph: working with Dr. Embley; changed some REs to use non-capturing groups
 +* Dr. Liddle: Brazil trip, made progress on PDFIndexer, also annotator elements
 +* Peter: abstract for FHT Workshop is ready; reported on travels
 +* Thomas: took a break from writing; working on improving recall
 +* Christopher:​ found an error with annotations of dates with slashes, fixed part of it
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: ready to have TA look at the annotator
 +* Dr. Embley: Joseph has been helping with blockers; working on end-to-end example, finding issues like end-of-line hyphen; has sent instructions to the Church
 +'''​Sidebars:'''​ end-of-line hyphen discussion, annotator/​alt-click discussion & code review, manual edits in annotator, Frontier discussion: what are we trying to do?
 +'''​Feb. 18, 2014:'''​
 +* TBA
 +'''​Feb. 10, 2014:'''​
 +* Scheduling discussion
 +* Dr. Woodfield: worked on example; found some differences in perspective that they ironed out
 +* Dr. Embley: worked with Joseph on obituaries; worked on HyKSS paper; met with SLC folks about obituaries
 +* Joseph: busy week! Thinking about features to add, especially male/​female;​ needs to add dictionary references to ontology snippets; Google Fiber is cool, but many web servers are limited to 100Mbit
 +* Dr. Liddle: worked with Christopher on the annotator; worked on PDFIndexer
 +* Peter: progressing with code; recognizing proper names; verbs in some cases; beginnings of elements for dates; looking at evaluation task
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: worked on OntoSOAR parsing
 +* Tae-Woo: worked on proposal; read related papers
 +* Thomas: finished a version of List Reader (3rd try is the charm); compared to CRF; it's doing well
 +* Christopher:​ several items fixed on annotator
 +'''​Sidebars:'''​ Annotator, obituaries form, Jenkins (lonz, plindes, swliddle)
 +'''​Feb. 3, 2014:'''​
 +* Christopher:​ has made progress on several user stories; found a bug that needs to be logged; next: finishing number keys, dealing with highlights for radio buttons, handling space after EOL hyphens
 +* Dr. Woodfield: continuing work on example for paper
 +* Dr. Embley: has also worked on the example, presented our work to Family History folks (working on tech transfer); have open door/green light; will be meeting Wednesday with folks in SLC on obituaries and ground truthing; worked on annotator backlog; we have sent off the multilingual paper
 +* Joseph: busy week! Found issue with command-line parameters into evaluator; will be working on that
 +* Dr. Liddle: worked on multilingual paper; worked on annotator; need to look at PDFIndexer and Thomas'​ issue; will be out of town Feb. 14-23
 +* Peter: made a major revision to thesis intro chapter; has worked on code for proper names and verbs; out of town Feb. 19-21
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: worked on multilingual paper; doing coding on link grammar, parser, inference engine, etc.  FHT abstracts due Thu. Feb. 20
 +'''​Sidebars:'''​ Annotator (Christopher,​ Liddle, Embley)
 +'''​Jan. 13, 2014:'''​
 +* Thomas: has been working on generating regular expressions,​ is getting there (partially executing); it appears to be fast enough
 +* Shin: today is Shin's last day to attend this meeting (goes back to Korea on Wednesday); is willing to help generate PDF needed for chapter
 +* Christopher:​ finished most of logging parts (adding coordinates,​ etc.); needs to make progress on the other items in the to-do list (aliasing keystrokes, removing highlights when not needed, etc.); simplified keyboard shortcuts in missionary mode; removed redundant shortcut
 +* Dr. Embley: made progress on missionary training materials; working with Joseph on getting FROntIER to run all the way through, including evaluator; is preparing presentation for 27th (needs help from students on generating slides for their projects to share)
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: read the whole book -- all 19 chapters of multilingual extraction book -- has notes on what is relevant in other chapters
 +* Dr. Liddle: made improvements to Eclipse build; made improvements to Dithers build (cut time to build in 1/3); worked with Dr. Embley on setting up build environment;​ (need to set up mtg with MB, Thu. 10am or after 3:30pm); still working chapter
 +* Peter: working on OntoSOAR code; a bunch of infrastructure code is working well; now working on semantic analysis within SOAR (early stages)
 +'''​Sidebars:'''​ annotator (E/L/A); new forms that may not be fully supported; training materials for missionaries;​ Liddle/​Almquist schedule; ​
 +'''​Jan. 6, 2014:'''​
 +* Peter: made a lot of progress over the break; able to read OSM-X file into SOAR; is able to inject facts and write OSM-X; is refactoring the rest of his code
 +* Thomas: has gotten basic (simplified) grammar induction working; it does find some of the longer parent records in the Ely book; needs to translate the patterns into regular expressions and tie them into ListReader
 +* Tae-Woo: couldn'​t work much during break, but is still working on proposal; thinks he's coming to the end
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: has been working on LG-SOAR; will continue with that, and top upcoming priority is book chapter
 +* Dr. Liddle: has worked on annotator tool (some implementation and deployment);​ has worked on refactoring;​ top priority is book chapter
 +* Dr. Embley: has made lots of progress on training resources for missionaries,​ and on obituary processing; next step (perhaps) is integrating Pat's entity recognizer with OntoES
 +* Dr. Woodfield: didn't get to work on it as much as wanted; trying to survive CS 340; feels he and Dave are in agreement on conceptual levels; should have examples for most of the levels by Thursday meeting
 +* Joseph: fixed two bugs over the break; has been helping Dr. Embley a lot; will be working on the evaluator next (to use gen/spec)
 +* Christopher:​ has been working recently on logging events within the annotator; is currently logging button clicks, normal clicks, keystrokes, changes in selection highlighting
 +'''​Sidebars:'''​ Annotator, logging, additional features or feature changes, etc.  Steve & Deryle abt. Michael Bean.  Dave & Steve on tying Pat's entity recognizer with OntoES.
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