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Department of Computer Science
Brigham Young University
3308 TMCB
Provo, UT 84602, USA

We hold a mini lecture series, known as DATA MINING MONDAYS at 11:00AM every Monday in our lab (TMCB 3314). All are welcome!

If you would like to get involved with our research, please contact Christophe Giraud-Carrier

Current Members

Christophe Giraud-Carrier , Scott Burton , Kesler Tanner , Caroline Tew, Otto Scheel, Stephen Rollins, Alyssa Meservy, Stephen Clarkson

Current Research Projects

See here for a list of research topics that may be pursued in the Data Mining Lab. Our current research efforts focus broadly on the following areas:

Former Members

BS: Brock Judkins (, USA), Graham Henry (Microsoft, USA), Nathan Purser (Adobe, USA), Steve Ivie (, USA), Michael Deardeuff (, USA), Yao Huang (Microsoft, USA), David Wilcox, (Adobe, USA), Reed McGrew (, USA), Weston Rowley , Adam Murray, Haven Gatrell, Kent Otis, Marissa Nielsen, Brent Cazhina, Nathaniel Gustafson, Jensen Warnock (National Instruments, USA), Nathan Yeung , Kyle Prier (MHS, Johns Hopkins), Spencer Ring, Kevin Murdock, Samuel Stephens , Udip Pant , Stacy Cueva
MS: Kristine Daniels (Full-time Mom), Burdette Pixton (LDS Church, USA), Brent Wenerstrom (PhD student at the University of Louisville, USA), Nathan Davis (Google, USA)
PhD: Jun won Lee (KIST, Korea), Matthew Smith (Kalood, USA)


Keith Copsey - QinetiQ, UK (9-11/05, 2/06)

Invited Colloquium Speakers

2004: Tom Mitchell (Dec)
2005: Foster Provost (Mar), Ken De Jong (Sep), Tom Dietterich (Nov), Nello Cristianini (Nov), Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro (Dec)
2006: Ronny Kohavi (Feb), C. Arden Pope III (Nov), Ray Mooney (Nov), Ricardo Vilalta (Dec), Pedro Domingos (Dec)
2007: Mollie Cummins (nee Poynton) (Feb), Rich Caruana (Mar), David Wolpert (Mar), Marti Hearst (Dec)
2008: Olfa Nasraoui (Sep), Lise Getoor (Sep)
2009: Jude Shavlik (Mar), Dan Roth (Mar), Charles Elkan (Oct), Erin Bigler (Oct), Chris Clifton (Nov), David Page (Nov)
2010: Margaret Dunham (Mar), Kristin Bennett (Apr), Jaime Carbonell (Oct), Osmar Zaiane (Nov)
2011: Surajit Chaudhuri (Mar), Jay Bernhardt (Oct), Vic Strecher (Nov)
2012: Kevin Patrick (Jan), Derek Hansen (Mar), Paul Resnick (Oct), Brad Hesse (Nov)
2013: Reda Alhajj (Mar)

Industry Partners

Image:Byubookstore_logo.jpg Image:os-logo-header.png Image:Deseretbook_logo.jpg Image:RemedyMD_logo.jpg

Conferences and Journals

Relevant Venues for Publication (Data Mining), Social Network Venues , Health Informatics Venues


Our Internal Lab Wiki Data Mining , Record Linkage , Social Network , New Lab Members , Other Resources

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