IP addresses



Lab IP addresses

  • Our Network:
  • Gateway:
  • Reserved for switches and routers: -
  • The block of static IP addresses for us to use: -
  • The block of dynamically assigned addresses used by DHCP: - (See below for allocation)
  • Broadcast

If your machine is configured to automatically obtain an IP address, then it will broadcast a packet requesting one from a DHCP server. We used to run our own DHCP server, but as of 12/9/09, the sysadmins now run a DHCP server for us. It will assign an address in the dynamically assigned range.

If you want your machine to be accessible from home, you need to use a static IP address. Pick one in our static block that no one is using, and update the list below. Then, you need to ask the sysadmins to assign a DNS entry for your IP address, and to unblock appropriate firewall ports.

Here's an example /etc/network/interfaces file for a static IP address:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Here's an example /etc/resolv.conf file:

domain cs.byu.edu
search cs.byu.edu

Table of static IP addresses

Static IP DNS name User axon.cs.byu.edu Lab Web Server rib.cs.byu.edu Joseph Heydorn's Workhorse satay.cs.byu.edu Mike Smith brisket.cs.byu.edu Dean Lebaron wings.cs.byu.edu Chris Workhorse lobe.cs.byu.edu Lab backup server deepthought.cs.byu.edu Lab Printer whopper.cs.byu.edu Robert Stromberg nachos.cs.byu.edu Mike Brodie David Norton steak.cs.byu.edu DML MS SQL Server (Scott Burton) tony.cs.byu.edu The Atlas Workhorse Aaron Dennis Elham Vaziripour waiter.cs.byu.edu Chris Tensmeyer tofu.cs.byu.edu Mike Smith' workhorse lasagna.cs.byu.edu NNMLC1 Aaron Dennis fish.cs.byu.edu Joseph Heydorn Steve DML Chris DML Brandon DML cream.cs.byu.edu Logan Mitchell Laurence Glazier DML darci.cs.byu.edu Dave and Daryl ghoti.cs.byu.edu Dave's old computer Jake DML - nnmlc2 - nnmlc35 The cluster nodes Parker DML mithril sclarkson Sam DML

Other Networking Settings


The CS dept runs a DNS server at and If you use these, department machines will resolve to their internal (192.168.*.*) address. BYU also runs a DNS server at If you use this one, department machines will resolve to their external address. Either should work, but the latter may be a better choice if you want to see the experience that external visitors will have.


This should be

Search Domain

Set this to cs.byu.edu if you want to be able to find machines without specifying the ".cs.byu.edu" part of their names.

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