All users should familiarize themselves with the up to date policies available at https://marylou.byu.edu -> documentation.

Here is a brief intro:

  • There are two folders in your root directory, compute and fsl_archive.
    • Compute has "unlimited" storage, and is meant for anything you need to compute your jobs and store the results. You should clear off your data as soon as you can. If you use huge amounts of space, be prepared to receive nasty emails.+
    • fsl_archive has 15TB total space (for all users), and is not backed up. If you use anything close to 15TB you will get nasty emails.+
  • Don't submit more than 1,000 jobs at a time. Wait until they are done before you submit more, or be prepared to get nasty emails.+

+ The fsl people aren't nasty at all, actually, but they do monitor their system and are kind enough to let you know when you do something stupid, like submit 10,000 jobs at a time.

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