Set up new Machine


Hardware and Space

There are lots of computers and monitors in the lab space. Make sure you just use the machines/monitors owned by your supervisor. Most of the cables, keyboards, mouses, etc we don't really keep track of. One note about getting network access. The switch box in the middle (largest) room cieling corner controls which ethernet ports hook into the network. Each wall port has an ID# printed next to it and a corresponding port on the switch box labeled with the ID#. There must be a cable from your port on the switch plugged into the bottom of the switch (just like all the rest). There are a limited number of slots on the bottom of the switch and we might run into trouble if they run out. Ask the CSRs if that happens. Once you are hooked into the network, I suggest you set up manually IP config (see IP addresses for details)

If your hardware is new, find a paper label and label both new monitors and new machines with your supervisor's name and the date. This will make it easier to keep track of what is being used and what is not. If you want, also annotate it with the DNS name you picked out with your manual ip config.

OS Installs


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