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The mission of the CGNP Lab is to simplify the use of nature in computer generated storytelling.


L. Tychonievich and M. D. Jones, " Delaunay Deformable Mesh for the Weathering and Erosion of 3D Terrain " in The Visual Computer . Published online April 2010.

M. D. Jones, M. Farley, J. Butler and M. Beardall, " Directable Weathering of Concave Rock using Curvature Estimation " in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol 16, no 1, pp. 81-95 . January/February 2010.
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  • CS 455 : Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • CS 658 : Computer Generated Natural Phenomena


Contact Professor Mike Jones if you'd like to get involved.

Mike Jones
Dr. Jones is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at BYU and directs the CGNP Lab. Contact Information
Jie Long
Jie is a PhD student studying directable tree motion. She has an MS in Forestry Information Systems from the Biejing Forestry University
Cory Reimschussel
Cory is an MS student in Computer Science at BYU. He is working on directable artistic clouds for a BYU Animation production.
Anthony Hall
Anthony is an MS student in Computer Science at BYU. He is working on optimizing and extending methods from mechanical engineering for rapidly simulating flexible and elastic bodies in computer animation.
Joseph Slinker
Joseph is a CS major with an emphasis in animation. He is working on particle effects for animations which teach astronomy.


Anthony Selino
Anthony's MS thesis involved animation of trees moving in wind. Anthony is now at a government agency in the United States.
Austin Knutson
Austin undergraduate research focused on fluid simulation using SPH and GPU programming. Austin is interning at TSplines before pursuing graduate work.
McKay Farlay
McKay's undergradaute and graduate work includes directable weathering of sandstone. McKay is currently full-time at Pixar.
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