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Computer Science 252
Introduction to Computational Theory
Winter 2011

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Course Goals

At the end of this course, and for at least one year after, you should be able to:

Foundational Knowledge. You should ...

  • Remember the three computing paradigms (DFA, PDA, Turing Machine) and their aliases (regular languages, context-free languages, and computable algorithms).
  • Understand the differences between and the limitations of the paradigms.
  • Understand the difference between "computable" and "practically computable".
  • Remember the existence of proof techniques used in class.
  • Remember the existence of approximation and probabilistic algorithms.
  • Understand enough probability theory to be able to follow basic proofs for probabilistic algorithms.
Application and Reasoning: You should ... Integration. You should be able to take a problem and ... Human Dimension and Caring. You should ...
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