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CS 345 Operating System and Design

Welcome to the CS 345 Operating System and Design Wiki! We are looking forward to a fun and challenging course. The CS 345 Wiki is a great resource, and we invite you, the community, to help develop the site so it can better serve your needs and the needs of other students. Most everything you need to get started with the course is found in the course details menu on the left of the page. If you find something missing, then feel free to add it (I love the Wiki mind set). Many of the articles are open on the Wiki for anyone to edit, and you should already be able to log in and contribute using your CS open lab credentials. We welcome your contributions and look forward to developing the CS 345 Wiki.


  • 12-Dec-2012 : Learning Suite for Announcements
    Welcome to Winter 2013 CS 345. The course will use Learning Suite as the primary source for the schedule and announcements. I am looking forward to the semester. --- egm
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Google Group

We have made a Google Group for our class! It's brand new so it is just starting to gain momentum so your help will keep it active.

CS345 Google Group

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