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Welcome to the CS 431 Algorithmic Languages and Compilers Wiki. We are looking forward to a fun and challenging course. We are excited to use the CS 431 Wiki, and we invite you, the community, to help develop the wiki so it can better serve your needs and the needs of other students in the course and future iterations or the course. If you have a valid CS Open Lab account, then you can log onto the wiki and edit content. You are encouraged to improve content and its organization as part of the community.

Getting started

Most everything you need to get started with the course is found in the course details menu on the left of the page. The recommended starting point is the Syllabus followed by the Schedule . If you find something missing on the sidebar menu, then please email the instructor to add the item (one of the few areas of the wiki that is locked down). Again we welcome your contributions and look forward to developing the CS 431 Wiki.


  • 28-Aug-2012 : Welcome to CS 431 Compilers and Algorithmic Languages
    Welcome to the CS 431 Wiki! I am excited for the Fall 2011 iteration of the course which improves over last year by again targeting a Java compiler to the eZ430r project development board used in the current version of CS 124 , and more importantly, by providing a complete working framework to let you plug-and-play your solutions in different stages of the compiler. All the information for the course is found here and at BYU Learningsuite --- egm
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