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Computer Science 470, Spring 2008

Introduction to core areas of artificial intelligence; intelligent agents, problem solving and search, knowledge-based systems and inference, planning, uncertainty, learning, and perception.

Pithy statements:

  • "[Artificial Intelligence is] The study of how to make computer do things at which, at the moment, people are better." Rich and Knight, 1991
  • "[Artificial Intelligence is] The study of the computation that make it possible to perceive, reason, and act." Winston, 1992

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News and Info

In reverse chronological order:

  • Keys for the last two homeworks are posted on Blackboard
  • Please see the Tournament discussion page
  • I have fixed the schedule for the rest of the term and filled in the assignment descriptions, including for the Bayes' homework. I still need to adjust the grading parameters for the Tournament.
  • I was asked about the grading for the Midterm in class. Please note that the testing center will not release the test until noon on TUESDAY. It will take a few days to get them all graded and entered.
  • I am done grading the Logic Homework and have given it to Oliver. He will shortly have the grades entered and you can pick it up from him. I encourage you to pick up your homework and look at it before the test. Let me know if you have any questions. I have a meeting at 2 and at 3, but should generally be around (office or lab).
  • I am almost done grading the Logic homework. I will let you know here, when it is done. In the mean time, note that several of the submissions do not appear to have been checked using the prolog interpreter I referenced. Also, in general there appear to be several cases where the path planning can introduce infinite loops. I did not make a fuss about this in class so I did not take off points in the homework, but you should think about this for the test. Remember that the order of rules and predicates matters in Prolog. With a little care, you can avoid useless infinite loops. If all else fails, we also talked about the "cut" ("!") that stops retries. It might be useful to prevent the system from cycling forever.
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