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Course Goals, Fall 2012

When you complete this course, you will

  • Understand key solution concepts in multi-agent systems
    • Game theory formalism
    • Nash equilibria
    • Minimax solutions
    • Pareto dominant solutions
    • Strategically dominant solutions
  • Be able to model real problems using multi-agent formalisms
    • Consequences, states, actions, goals, and utilities
    • Extensive form games and normal form games
    • Implementations of solution concepts: Nash equilibrium and minimax solutions
    • Repeated-play games
    • Evolutionary games AND EITHER
    • Bio-inspired agent collectives OR
    • Multi-agent learning
  • Be able to analyze, implement, and communicate solutions
    • Nash's theorem
    • The folk theorem
    • Replicator dynamics
    • Repeated play equilibria
    • Arrow's impossibility theorem
    • Multi-agent learning
    • Phases of nonlinear, bio-inspired collectives
  • Be literate in other solution concepts from multi-agent systems
    • Market-based mechanisms: mechanisms and auctions
    • Multi-agent search: Asynchronous dynamic programming and moving target search
    • Reading current papers from the literature
  • Be better prepared to communicate solution and solution quality
    • Write reports that explain theory, present experiments, and analyze results
    • Recognize well-communicated ideas

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