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Status: All systems nominal. Report anomalies using the CS ticket system .

Raytraced image created as part of a 455 class project. An image of Venus for use in an animation. Early attempt at cavernous weathering.

The Digital Storytelling Lab enables students to invent the next generation of storytelling tools. Storytelling tools are used to build CG animation, games and other applications. The lab is a key part of CS classes in graphics, vision and user interfaces and a resource for CS Animation Emphasis students.



The Fall 2009 Capstone Kick-off meeting will be held in the demo room at 11 am on Thursday, September 3rd. This is a chance for interested students to find out what projects are going on or to propose their own. CS students can get CS 598R, which counts as a 400 level elective, for participating in capstone projects. Demo Day will be at the end of the semester and we anticipate having significant prizes again this year. (Mike Jones, August 31)

Richar Arthur, a PhD student, has installed the SPICIE screen sharing software in the demo room. This software allows you to control the projectors wirelessly using a laptop. (Mike Jones, August 31)

How to login

At the login prompt, type in your RouteY userid and password. Make sure that "Log on to:" is set to "BYU. "Log on to:" is the third item in the login screen.

Demo room

Located in 1110 TMCB. Contains projection equipment for stereoscopic 3D using polarized light and short throw projectors for group work. A server in the "fireplace" is connected to all 5 projectors in the room and is controlled by a wireless keyboard and mouse. The short throw projectors are connected to VGA switches and can be driven by the fireplace server, workstations at each short throw or a laptop. Demo room instructions.

Open Lab

Located in 1106 TMCB. Contains 10 workstations. Each workstation has 3 monitors, a video camera, game controller and an array of software and hardware . Three of the workstations are connected to 21 inch Wacom Cintiq tablets.

Reporting Problems

Problems with hardware and software should be reported using the CS Department's ticket system . Be as specific as possible and mark the problem category as "Windows Open Labs."

Violations of CS Department Lab Use Guidelines or the Honor Code should be reported to _____.

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