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-'''​Getting Started'''​+= Getting Started = 
 +Before you start coding make sure you do the following:​ 
 +* Register an account on the Fulton Supercomputer @: [[https://​rc.byu.edu/​account/​create/​|Register an account on Fulton Supercomputer]] 
 +* Fill out an application for this semester for mentoring (so you can get paid by the CS Dept.) @: [[https://​mentoring.byu.edu|Research Mentoring Homepage]] 
 +* Join the Slack channel @: [[http://​byufhtl.slack.com|FHTL Slack]] 
 +* Email Dr. Clement to join the '''​Family History Lab'''​ email group and the '''​Handwriting Team'''​ email group 
 +* Email Dr. Clement to '''​join the Handwriting group on the supercomputer'''​ 
 +* Join the Handwriting Group on Trello: https://​trello.com/​b/​cH8bNZEj/​handwriting-projects 
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