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 += Projects =
 +==Pre-processing ==
 +* De-warping: https://​github.com/​mzucker/​page_dewarp
 +Documentation coming soon ...
 +== Segmentation ==
 +One of the main projects we are doing is segmentation. This has been done with several main approaches, including machine learning and RANSAC.
 +More information on Segmentation an be found here: [[handwriting:​segmentation|Segmentation Documentation]]
 +== Handwriting Recognition ==
 +This is one of the main goals of the lab, but not something we are working on a ton (Summer 2019). We have decent ways of accomplishing it, and we have been working mainly on segmentation. Adam has been working on handwriting recognition for gender (8/19). We use machine learning methods to complete this task. More information can be found at: [[handwriting:​hwr_documentation|Handwriting Recognition Documentation]]
 +== Post-processing ==
 +Documentation coming soon...
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