This wiki will be for the handwriting recognition group.


This is the documentation for the work of the Handwriting Lab. Feel free to contribute to it, as there is much that needs to be done. Clarification on existing material is also welcome.

This has also been written a little more like a beginner’s guide to the lab.

If you are a new hire follow this tutorial: Getting Started

For tutorials on machine learning, click here: Machine Learning Tutorials


One thing that many people struggle with in this lab is the information dump. It can be very stressful to get all of this information at once. So, it can be helpful to read all of this in one go, but go try things and then revisit it as needed. It’s been written so far to only give the essential information on the various subjects, so it shouldn’t be too bad. More technical documentation is forthcoming.

For info on projects in the lab: Projects

For info on directories in the supercomputer: Supercomputer

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