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 +I'm currently managing the robots for the lab.  Find more here: [[HCMI_Robots]]
 +My undergraduate degree is in Computer Engineering from BYU.
 +* AI
 +* Robotics - groups and fully autonomous robots
 +* Multi agent systems
 +* Embedded systems
 +* FPGAs
 +* Microcontrollers
 +* General Electronics
 +* Computer Security
 +==Possible Project Ideas==
 +* Fully autonomous robots
 +* Human robot interaction
 +* Survey paper on control strategies in RTS games?
 +==Lab Responsibilities==
 +* I am a member of the Human Robot Teams research group
 +==Current Research==
 +I am currently researching and modeling self organizing biological systems and looking at control strategies for large numbers of robots.
 +*[[Brian_Pendleton_RTS|RTS interface survey]]
 +*[[Brian_Pendleton_Sumpter|Sumpter notes]]
 +[http://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HRT/​index.php/​Hu-BIRT hu-BIRT]
 +===Animal Behavior and Self Organizing Systems===
 +* Self-organization and collective behavior in vertebrates - http://​webscript.princeton.edu/​~icouzin/​website/​wp-content/​plugins/​bib2html/​data/​papers/​couzin03.pdf - long paper (103 pages) describing collective behavior in a wide range of animals.
 +* Collective Memory and Spacial Sorting in Animal Groups - http://​www.csim.scu.edu.tw/​~chiang/​course/​ComputerGameAdvance/​Collective%20Memory%20and%20Spatial%20Sorting%20in%20Animal%20Groups.pdf - An excellent paper that describes the movement of fish.  The paper is very detailed and provides mathematical formulas that can be easily implemented. ​ Excellent place to start
 +* Design and Control of Self-Organizing Systems - http://​citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/​viewdoc/​download?​doi=​rep=rep1&​type=pdf
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