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 +Create simple boid program that can be used as a framework for future research. - '''​In progress'''​
 +* Install libraries, configure system - '''​Completed'''​
 +* Simple program to draw boids - '''​Completed'''​
 +* Basic user interface - '''​Completed'''​
 +* Implement boids logic - '''​Completed'''​
 +* Explore user interaction methods - '''​In progress'''​
 +* http://​www.red3d.com/​cwr/​boids/​ - Craig Reynolds'​ page outlining how boids work and how he came up with the concept. ​ LOTS of great links.
 +* http://​www.cs.toronto.edu/​~dt/​siggraph97-course/​cwr87/​ - Original boids paper
 +* http://​www.kfish.org/​boids/​pseudocode.html#​ref2 - good outline of how boids work with pseudocode.
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