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 +Abe Austin, Joe Hoehne -- [http://​tanglefoot.cs.byu.edu/​SRC2014/​HCMI_SRC_Austin_Hoehne.pdf A Design for a Shared Mental Model in Human-Robot Interaction]
 +C. Kristopher Alder -- Insert title and link
 +Mario Alberto Garcia - Insert title and link
 +Kyle Blatter ​ - [https://​www.dropbox.com/​s/​n2ztfwz3fvyhvcr/​HRI%20Timing%20Presentation.pptx Modeling Temporal Latency in the Supervisory Control of Human-Robot Teams]
 +Hiroaki Nakano -- [http://​tanglefoot.cs.byu.edu/​SRC2014/​15-minute-presentation-2014-Ver.2.pdf Graphical Narrative Interface (GNI)]
 +Daqing Yi - [http://​tanglefoot.cs.byu.edu/​SRC2014/​SRC2014-YI.pdf Semantic Based Path Planning - A Multi-Objective Optimization Approach]
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