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-Hithis is Daqing Yi+I am a PhD student in the [http://​cs.byu.edu Computer Science Department] at BYU. I received my MS degree and BS degree in [http://​cse.tongji.edu.cn/​ Control Science and Engineering] from [http://​www.tongji.edu.cn/​ Tongji University]China.  
 +== Publications == 
 +Daqing Yi, Instructing Quantitative Path-Planning by Qualitative Language Expression. ''​IJCAI 2016 Doctoral Consortium'',​ July 2016. 
 +Meher T. Shaikh, Michael A. Goodrich, Daqing Yi and Joseph Hoehne, Interactive multi-Objective Path Planning through a Palette-based User Interface. ''​Proc. SPIE 9837, Unmanned System Technology XVIII'',​ May 2016. 
 +Daqing Yi, Michael A. Goodrich and Kevin D. Seppi, [http://​dl.acm.org/​citation.cfm?​id=2906880 Homotopy-Aware RRT*: Toward Human-Robot Toplogical Path-Planning]. ''​HRI 2016'',​ March 2016. 
 +Meher Shaikh, Michael A. Goodrich and Daqing Yi, [http://​dl.acm.org/​citation.cfm?​id=2906954 Adverb Palette: GUI-based Support for Human Interaction in Multi-Objective Path-Planning]. ''​HRI 2016 - Late Break Report'',​ March 2016. 
 +Daqing Yi, Michael A. Goodrich and Kevin D. Seppi, [http://​www.aaai.org/​ocs/​index.php/​IJCAI/​IJCAI15/​paper/​view/​11078 MORRF*: Sampling-based Multi-Objective Path Planning]. ''​IJCAI 15'',​ July 2015. 
 +Daqing Yi, Kevin D. Seppi and Michael A. Goodrich, [http://​dl.acm.org/​citation.cfm?​id=2754782 Input-to-State Stability Analysis on Particle Swarm Optimization]. ''​GECCO 15'',​ July 2015. 
 +Daqing Yi, Michael A. Goodrich and Kevin D. Seppi, [http://​ieeexplore.ieee.org/​xpls/​abs_all.jsp?​arnumber=6974170 Informative Path Planning with a Human Path Constraint]. ''​2014 IEEE SMC'',​ October 2014. 
 +Daqing Yi and Michael A. Goodrich, [http://​spie.org/​Publications/​Proceedings/​Paper/​10.1117/​12.2050718 Supporting task-oriented collaboration in human-robot teams using semantic-based path planning]. ''​Proc. SPIE 9084, Unmanned Systems Technology XVI, 90840D'',​ June 2014. 
 +Michael A. Goodrich and Daqing Yi, [http://​link.springer.com/​chapter/​10.1007%2F978-3-642-39405-8_30 Toward Task-Based Mental Models of Human-Robot Teaming: A Bayesian Approach]. ''​Virtual Augmented and Mixed Reality. Designing and Developing Augmented and Virtual Environments'',​ July 2013.  
 +Daqing Yi, Ping Jiang, Edward Mallen, Xiaonian Wang and Jin Zhu, [http://​link.springer.com/​article/​10.1007%2Fs00521-010-0433-1 Enhancement of image luminance resolution by imposing random jitter]. ''​Neural Computing & Applications'',​ vol. 20, 2011.  
 +Daqing Yi, Ping Jiang and Jin Zhu, [http://​link.springer.com/​chapter/​10.1007%2F978-3-642-01513-7_31 A Simple Neural Network for Enhancement of Image Acuity by Fixational Instability]. ''​Advances in Neural Networks-ISNN 2009, Lecture Notes in Computer Science'',​ May 2009. 
 +Daqing Yi, Jian Wu and Ping Jiang, [http://​ieeexplore.ieee.org/​xpls/​abs_all.jsp?​arnumber=4376870 Iterative learning control for visual servoing with unknown homography matrix]. ''​ICCA 2007'',​ May 2007.  
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