The lab currently has 5 robots.

ROS setup for bots

  • do the basic ros tutorials
  • make a ~ros directory
  • add this to your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH in your .bashrc
  • svn co svn+ssh:// ~/ros/turtlebots
  • rosinstall ~/ros/turtlebots/software.rosinstall ~/ros
  • check the .rosinstall file for some more packages you need to install
  • rosmake byuproto
  • that's it!

ROS Notes

  • Be careful setting ROS_MASTER_URI and ROS_HOSTNAME correctly. The MASTER_URI is where ROS tries to connect to the master. the HOSTNAME is the address to which local nodes will bind. If this is set wrong, you'll get silent failures with communication and be unable to publish to foreign topics.

Atlas & P-Body

Atlas and P-Body are Turtlebots from Willow Garage. They run ROS on top of Ubuntu 10.04.



Install stuff:

  • The android apps in the google market only work with ROS diamondback out of the box. There's two reasons for this. First, all the launch files call the outdated “base.launch”. You need to comment this line out from the app launch files. Also, the teleop apps publish on /turtlebot/cmd_velocity instead of /cmd_velocity. rostopic echo doesn't seem to work to fix this for some reason. So… you can either install from source… or you can create a new launch file (android_minimal) that calls a modified node that listens on the topic the android apps are expecting.


An iRobot ATV-RT jr, which iRobot has completely disowned (information is hard to come by), but theoretically should work with player.

Possible software stacks:

  • ROS rflex (would probably require some work, but maybe not. Has a strong community)
  • Player (active, supported driver)
  • Carmen (has driver, but project not active since 2008)
  • Custom software, reverse engineered (hard to do, information scattered around the web)


A Pioneer 3 DX with rear sonar sensors, a gripper and a mounted SICK LMS200 laser range finder. I've been able to teleoperate it using player.

Setting up Ted using ROS

ROS Stuff



Troy is used for Autism therapy research.

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