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 +The lab currently has 5 robots.
 +==ROS setup for bots==
 +* do the basic ros tutorials
 +* make a ~ros directory
 +* add this to your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH in your .bashrc
 +* svn co svn+ssh://​username@tanglefoot.cs.byu.edu:/​lab/​brianpen/​turtlebots ~/​ros/​turtlebots
 +* rosinstall ~/​ros/​turtlebots/​software.rosinstall ~/ros
 +* check the .rosinstall file for some more packages you need to install
 +* rosmake byuproto
 +* that's it!
 +==ROS Notes==
 +* Be careful setting ROS_MASTER_URI and ROS_HOSTNAME correctly. ​ The MASTER_URI is where ROS tries to connect to the master. ​ the HOSTNAME is the address to which local nodes will bind.  If this is set wrong, you'll get silent failures with communication and be unable to publish to foreign topics.
 +==Atlas & P-Body==
 +Atlas and P-Body are Turtlebots from Willow Garage. ​ They run ROS on top of Ubuntu 10.04.
 +* [ros.org|http://​ros.org]
 +* [ROS turtlebot|http://​www.willowgarage.com/​turtlebot]
 +* [turtlebot|http://​turtlebot.com/​]
 +* http://​answers.ros.org/​question/​2411/​kinect-not-detected?​answer=6154#​6154
 +* http://​answers.ros.org/​question/​3740/​turtlebot-microphone-troubleshooting-guide
 +* http://​answers.ros.org/​question/​27749/​autonomous-turtlebot-map-building
 +Install stuff:
 +* http://​www.ros.org/​wiki/​pi_face_tracker
 +* The android apps in the google market only work with ROS diamondback out of the box.  There'​s two reasons for this. First, all the launch files call the outdated "​base.launch"​. ​  You need to comment this line out from the app launch files. ​ Also, the teleop apps publish on /​turtlebot/​cmd_velocity instead of /​cmd_velocity. ​ rostopic echo doesn'​t seem to work to fix this for some reason. ​ So... you can either install from source... or you can create a new launch file (android_minimal) that calls a modified node that listens on the topic the android apps are expecting.
 +* http://​www.ros.org/​wiki/​cmvision
 +* http://​www.pirobot.org/​blog/​0022/​
 +An iRobot ATV-RT jr, which iRobot has completely disowned (information is hard to come by), but theoretically should work with player.
 +Possible software stacks:
 +* ROS rflex (would probably require some work, but maybe not.  Has a strong community)
 +* Player (active, supported driver)
 +* Carmen http://​carmen.sourceforge.net/​ (has driver, but project not active since 2008)
 +* Custom software, reverse engineered (hard to do, information scattered around the web)
 +===Links that could be helpful===
 +* http://​answers.ros.org/​question/​3298/​b21-rflex-intermittant-start-and-stops-on-atrv-jr
 +* Could be useful for reverse engineering protocol: http://​www.web-port.net/​Christfried.Webers/​RobotInterface.html
 +* http://​carmen.sourceforge.net/​
 +A Pioneer 3 DX with rear sonar sensors, a gripper and a mounted SICK LMS200 laser range finder. ​ I've been able to teleoperate it using player.
 +* [http://​www.mobilerobots.com/​researchrobots/​pioneerp3dx.aspx]
 +===Setting up Ted using ROS===
 +* First, install ROS: [Installing ROS|http://​www.ros.org/​wiki/​ROS/​Tutorials]
 +* Install a couple of extra packages: ​
 +** apt-get install ros-electric-joystick-drivers ros-electric-sound-drivers
 +* Now, follow the p2os tutorial: [Getting started with p2os|http://​www.ros.org/​wiki/​p2os/​Tutorials/​Getting%20Started%20with%20p2os]
 +===ROS Stuff===
 +* http://​answers.ros.org/​question/​1573/​rosmake-teleop_base-couldnt-find-dependency-joy-of
 +Troy is used for Autism therapy research.
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