I am a PhD student in BYU's Computer Science department from Nara, Japan. I graduated from Brigham Young University Hawaii in April 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with minors in Mathmatics, Information System, and Information Technology. My master's thesis research is about User Interface Design.

Current Project

Graphocal Narrative Interface (GNI)

Idea of how robots communicate with users through interfaces

I am implementjing a user interface that has human-like characteristics in order to achieve better managing of higher autonomy robots (more neglect time and less interaction time) and increased usability in diverse fields. User interfaces having human-like characteristics means that interfaces are equipped with tools that humans use in their conversations, so that interfaces can communicate with users in a more lively manner as if users are interacting with other humans. Through this kind of interface, users will be able to manage larger number of robots simultaniously to achive more complicated tasks that are overwhelming for a single robot to achive with less user efforts. On GNI, I implemented a technique of storytelling and it generates data-driven narrative summaries for users, so that users can understand what robots have been doing without supervising them all the time.

Other Interests

History of Computer Science – how we can teach this subject effectively at under-grad level. An article will be put on a ACM Inroads magazine next March.

Contact Information

Phone: (801) 919-5279

Email: hiroaki@byu.edu

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