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 [[start|Main Page]] [[start|Main Page]]
-[[:​WiSAR|Wilderness Search and Rescue]]+[[:WiSAR:start|Wilderness Search and Rescue]]
-[[:​AR|Assistive Robotics]]+[[:AR:start|Assistive Robotics]]
-[[:​HRT|Human-Robot Teams]]+[[:HRT:start|Human-Robot Teams]]
 [[https://​faculty.cs.byu.edu/​~mike/​mikeg/​Publications.html|Publications]] [[https://​faculty.cs.byu.edu/​~mike/​mikeg/​Publications.html|Publications]]
-[[:​CS-470|CS 470 - Intro to AI]]+[[:CS-470:start|CS 470 - Intro to AI]]
-[[:​CS-670|CS 670 - Distributed AI]]+[[:CS-670:start|CS 670 - Distributed AI]]
 [[:​get-started|Help]] [[:​get-started|Help]]
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