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 +== Current Research ==
 +'''​[[Extending fan-out]]:'''​ What topics from other scheduling tasks can be applied? ​ How does adjustable/​adaptable robot autonomy effect IT/NT?
 +'''​Delegation Interface:'''​ I'm working on writing a simulator that allows the delegation of authority to agents, and will likely include some self-organization among the agents. ​ This should help with determining various ways of interacting with a group or even a self-organizing swarm of agents.
 +== Future Work ==
 +'''​Extend Fan-out:'''​ Work on extending fan-out by developing a mathematical model including multiple humans and robots.  ​
 +== Publications ==
 +Philip Cook. Limitations and extensions of the Wolf-PHC algorithm. Master’s
 +thesis, Brigham Young University, 2007.
 +Philip Cook and Michael A. Goodrich. ​ MMM-PHC: A Particle-Based Multi-Agent Learning Algorithm. ​ ICMLA 2010.
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