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 +This guide is for Windows.
 +# Install Qt and Qt Creator.
 +# Go to http://​dev.kofee.org/​QtCreator-Doxygen/​ and download the appropriate binary, and follow the directions on that page for the (very easy) installation process. ​ The Qt creator plugins folder is inside Qt's folder, then the version number, then lib, then qtcreator, then plugins, e.g. C:​\Qt\2010.05\lib\qtcreator\plugins.
 +# Restart Qt Creator if it's running to load the plugin.
 +# Go to http://​www.stack.nl/​~dimitri/​doxygen/​ to download doxygen. ​ I used the windows installer, and installed with all default options.
 +# Go to Qt Creator'​s Tools -> Options dialog, select Doxygen plugin on the left, then browse to the location of the doxygen executables. (default C:\Program Files\doxygen\bin\doxygen.exe and C:\Program Files\doxygen\bin\doxywizard.exe)
 +It should all be setup now.  The basics are to press Ctrl+Shift+F3 over any method/​member/​class,​ etc., and the doxygen tags will appear, and some parameters are filled out automatically. ​ If you ever want to build the documentation,​ go to Tools->​Doxygen->​Build documentation in Qt Creator, and then the documentation will appear in the project root folder under the "​html"​ and "​latex"​ folders. ​ Open up index.html in the html folder to browse the docs locally.
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