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 +== Human-Robot Teams Wiki ==
 +We are modeling collaborative teams of multiple humans and multiple robots. ​ This project includes three research efforts: human-swarm interaction,​ human interaction with small robot teams, and verifiable human interaction with UAVs.
 +* '''​Presentations'''​
 +** [http://​faculty.cs.byu.edu/​~mike/​mikeg/​Presentations/​2011SoA_Goodrich3.pptx 2011 Science of Autonomy Presentation]. ​ This presentation outlines the research for the next two years. ​ [http://​faculty.cs.byu.edu/​~mike/​mikeg/​Presentations/​2011SoA_Goodrich3.pdf pdf version].
 +* '''​Personnel'''​
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HCMI/​index.php/​Brian_Pendleton Brian Pendleton], M.S. student
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HCMI/​index.php/​Sean_Kerman Sean Kerman], M.S. student
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HCMI/​index.php/​Daniel_Brown Daniel Brown], M.S. student
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HCMI/​index.php/​Shin-Young_Jung Shin-Young Jung], M.S. student
 +** Andrew Kent
 +** Ryan Hess
 +** (Walter) Daqing Yi
 +** Kyle Blatter ​
 +** TJ Gledhill
 +* '''​Project Alumni'''​
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HCMI/​index.php/​Spencer_Gardner Spencer Gardner], B.S. student
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HCMI/​index.php/​Philip_Cook Philip Cook], Ph.D. student
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HCMI/​index.php/​Yisong_Guo Yisong Guo], M.S. student
 +* '''​Funding Sources'''​
 +The human-robot teams research is funded by three grants.  ​
 +** A large, multi-university grant through the [http://​www.arl.army.mil/​www/​default.cfm?​page=392 Army's Robotics CTA project]. ​ BYU is a subcontractor to UCF on this project.  ​
 +** A smaller project from the Office of Naval Research. ​  BYU is a subcontractor to CMU on this project.
 +** An [http://​c-uas.byu.edu/​ NSF Industry University Alliance]. ​ The CS department is part of a larger BYU team
 +* '''​Collaborators'''​
 +** [http://​www.cs.ucf.edu/​~aswu/​ Annie Wu] at UCF.  Annie is a collaborator on the portion of the work funded through the Army's Robotics CTA project.
 +** [http://​www.cs.cmu.edu/​~katia/​ Katia Sycara] at CMU.  Katia is a collaborator on the portion of the work funded through the Office of Naval Research.
 +** [http://​www.pitt.edu/​~cmlewis/​ Mike Lewis] at UPitt. ​ Mike is a collaborator on the portion of the work funded through the Office of Naval Research.
 +** P.B. Sujit. ​ Sujit is a former student from ECEn who is working on these issues because he thinks they are cool).
 +** [http://​ulab-research-wiki.wikispaces.com/​ ULab wiki] -- Mike Lewis' lab wiki with a lot of links to very relevant work.
 +* '''​[[Verifiable Operator Interfaces]]'''​
 +** [[Vision]]
 +** [[Readings and Comments]]
 +* '''​Problem Specification'''​
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HRT/​index.php/​Hu-BIRT Human interaction with Bio-Inspired Robot Teams (Hu-BIRT)]
 +** [[Extending fan-out]]
 +** [[Simulation specifications for Human-Robot Teams]]
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HCMI/​index.php/​Metrics_of_Performance Metrics of Performance Notes]
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HCMI/​index.php/​Interfaces_and_Role_Allocation Notes on Role Allocation]
 +* '''​Project Results'''​
 +** [http://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=_Isylh05tI4 Orbits Video]
 +** [http://​youtu.be/​ZlDs2-o8HXc Flock]
 +** [http://​youtu.be/​C8hL9HSNVC0 Torus]
 +** [http://​youtu.be/​9gdC4KIvQVI Group Switching]
 +* '''​Related Work'''​
 +** [[Literature]]
 +** [[Media, videos, etc.]]
 +** There are a bunch of papers on Command and Control located on Tanglefoot in public/​Papers
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