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 +* Areas of Research
 +** Human factors, human-robot interaction,​ human-computer interaction ​
 +** Mode-checking
 +* Modeling
 +** Physical system: world and UAV modeled as a transition system (state machine or markov process)
 +** Roles: operator, video analyst, and mission manager modeled as a transition system (directed graph or timed automaton)
 +* Analysis
 +** Combine the concurrent roles defined by the above models into a single sequential model, and evaluate whether all tasks are being done and whether all temporal constraints are being satisfied. ​ This is essentially a problem of turning the concurrent role models into a sequential model.
 +** Identify concurrency conflicts and establish properties of the single model.
 +* Design
 +** Create a graphical user interface or decision support system to support a single human in performing all three roles
 +** Identify role-specific tasks that need to be automated to enable a single human to fulfill all three roles
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