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Generating plots of things:

- a new episode of an already existing TV show
- a stand-alone movie
- a new movie related to a particular franchise, using existing characters and setting (i.e. marvel)
- a sequel to an existing movie
- an independent novel
- a sequel to an existing novel
- a new installment in an existing novel series (hunger games, harry potter, etc)
- a new children's picture book
- a children's picture book based on an existing series of children's books (Frog and Toad are friends, Don't let the pigeon drive the bus, Magic School Bus, Dr. Seuss, etc)
- the same idea as the picture book, but for slightly longer ones (the Magic Tree House, Ramona, etc)
- game plots, either for an RPG, a first-person shooter style, or something that takes in desired game mechanics and comes up with a storyline to drive gameplay
- for any existing literary or cinematic work, use creative lying techniques to come up with fanfiction for it

Generate premises and settings for any kind of literary/cinematic work:

- invent a new system of mythology for a fictional universe
- general worldbuilding to create settings for stories to take place in
- generate premises to start off any kind of original literary/cinematic work previously mentioned

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