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 =Log= =Log=
-==April 10, 2017==+==May 19,2017== 
 ===To Do=== ===To Do===
-Work on alignment paper +* Perhaps should be weighted max clique and not maxclique with weight as secondary measure 
-Define scoring function ​as function ​of variable weights +Favor big cliques ​as opposed to long matches 
-Implement linear perceptron +* Figure out how to include local maxima representing even short tagline choruses in the max clique calculations 
-Run regression+* Ignore non-word vocalizations via dictionary? (this could be one of the "​flavors"​ of the algorithm) 
 +Use phrase breaks to determine chorus end (and maybe beginning) (this could be another "​flavor"​) 
 +Label more data 
 +* Introduce more parameters (use multi-venn diagram to show accuracy as combination of features) 
 +* Do it all over for verses 
 +* Axon Website 
 +** link to pierre 
 +** link to CV 
 +** link to LinkedIn 
 +** link to Google Scholar profile 
 +** photos from grad poster thing 
 +** grad poster thing 
 +** video from Asher 
 +** video from grad student society about me 
 +** videos about bioinformatics discovery 
 +** all pubs with links 
 +** blog
 +* Decompress all of the mxl files, make changes directly to mxl files, starting with Michael Bublé, maybe even incorporate annotations that way (input them the same way I'm outputting them)?
 +* Don't normalize aln matrices—pick static value as min threshold (actually let the GA decide it)
 +* Make the minDistanceFromDiagonal a parameter to be learned
 +* Implemented Generic self-similarity alignment
 +* Thoroughly annotated Twinkle and Rainbow for any repetition in any viewpoint
 +* Use F-Score instead of accuracy for fitness function
 +* Implement it for pitch, harmony, and lyrics
 +==May 5, 2017==
 +* In the case of ties, use the one with the higher score
 +* Find faster implementation of max clique solution
 +* Why not "​Honesty"?​ (I was writing over it with other billy joel song: solution was to not substr file name)
 +==May 4, 2017==
 +* Make website
 +* Revise and resubmit ICCC paper
 +* Implement alignment module for xmls
 +* Implement genetic algorithm for finding params
 +* Figure out how to label tagline choruses: solution was to actually label them as tagline choruses. Might have repercussions down the road when running Pop*.
 +* Implement mechanism for identifying multiple choruses: solution was to find local maxima and do max clique to find mutually agreeing choruses
 +==April 10, 2017==
 ===Done=== ===Done===
 Work on alignment paper Work on alignment paper
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