Unorganized Lyrist Brainstorming

Lyrist’s ultimate output is a simple String. Casting

A method will accept a parameter class and any of its subclasses.
Upcasting hides child class values until it is recast to its original class.
Supercasting is always allowed, but subcasting involves a type check and can throw a ClassCastException if the subtype is wrong.

Covariant parameter? Contravariant parameter? Design by contract: accept as much as possible and output as specifically as possible

Input is a template string and output is a new string.
	Song has weird characters in it

Understand negation: in (sad → brave) → BAD: (no hesitating → no boldness) GOOD: (no hesitating → no fear) Google word frequency filter Similee detection & similee lists Do Lyrist stuff in other languages Get Lyrist to understand negation, so that the theme of “not friendy“ is unfriendly. Does word2vec comprehend this? Cellular automata???

Typo machine Makes spellings have typos. Base typos on:

1) common typos from some data source
2) Markov model of key position on keyboard

Make a detection machine. Detected typos are fixed. Base detection on:

1) similarity of correct character to typo character
2) context (formal song publication, twitter chat message)

Plan List of intentions each is mapped to a strictness value Evaluation

Intention Lyrist’s goal in some area for its generated piece. An intention’s attributes may be probabilistically decided or inputted by a user.

Intention Types Intentions should be able to hold other intentions. These sub-intentions help define their super intention. A song with a baroque emotional flow that uses only modern diction and has a hip-hop rhyme scheme:

Plan = [
	specificstructuralIntention = new SpecificStructuralIntention(repeating similees),
	emotionalIntention = new EmotionalIntention(new CulturalIntention(Baroque)),
	structuralIntention = new StructuralIntention(new CulturalIntention(modern), new CulturalIntention(hip-hop)),

Culture can help define structure and emotion.

Culture: hip-hop.
	Structure: common hip-hop rhyme schemes, common hip-hop stanza/line/syllable-word setup, common hip-hop words, hip-hop n-grams.
	Emotion: common hip-hop emotions like agressiveness.

Emotion can help define structure and culture.

Emotion: sadness.
	Structure: common hip-hop rhyme schemes and diction.
	Culture: sad culture like nihilist poets, sad love .

Structure can help define emotion and culture. This would work best with general structure types like rhyme schemes and stanza/line/syllable-words.

Structure: A Stanza with syllables and the rhyme schme of limericks.
	Culture: A limerick poet. 1900s when limmericks were most popular.
	Emotion: common limerick emotions like playfulness.

Operations could eventually help define emotion, culture, and structure (For now, the Operative Intention is independent of the other 3).

Operation: template w/ n-grams
	Structure: A Stanza with syllables and the rhyme schme of limericks.
	Culture: is some culture better manifested by using a template w/ n-grams?
	Emotion: is some emotion better manifested by using a template w/ n-grams?

You can combine intentions of the same type! Operative combine 2 operations Emotional combine 2 emotinal sentiments or make a new sentiment from the 2 Cultural use 2 cultural corpora instead of 1 Structural combine 2 structures?

Operative Intention—a set of operations to work within

Generate by template 
	Use analogies
	Use similarities
	Use n-grams
	Use grammar
Generate without template
	Use n-grams
		Use grammar

Recursive intentions

Emotional intention—a sentiment to work within. No emotional intention means no intentional directing of emotional sentiments (any sentiment must be distant from any sort of emotion?).
	Unifying emotion (a sentiment)
	Emotional flow (a sequence of sentiments)
Cultural intention—a corpus (and filters) of elements to work within. No cultural intentnion means a broad, diverse corpus of elements to work within.
	Time (a year, or a range of years)
	Individual: famous artist, musician, or poet
Structural intention—an element structure to work within. No structural intention means freeverse.
	Full structures
		Parts of speech
	Full patterns
		Grammatical structure (more general than pos)
		Rhyme scheme (more general than phonemes)
		Meter (more general than syllables)
	Structural stats
		Number of [Pos] Words 
		[Pos] density
		Number of [vowel / consonant] phonemes
		[vowel / consonant] proportion
		Rhyme density
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