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 = activity notes = = activity notes =
 +== 22 Aug 2017 ==
 +Since finishing writing the paper, I've been adding a few various improvements to the app. Mainly, I've been reworking how the app generates the model so that it's more efficient. Originally the app would read through all the listening data every time the app starts. This takes a long time when there'​s a lot of listening history data. I refactored the code so that the model could be built incrementally as more listening data is generated. Now the model gets serialized to a file and updated whenever the app starts. It still takes about 20 seconds to deserialize the model, but that's a pretty big improvement,​ and the time complexity is constant with the size of the listening history.
 +I have plans to further improve the performance,​ though. Instead of serializing and deserializing the entire model, I'm going to store the model in an SQL database and only load the parts that we need during runtime. The size of the model is O(n^2) where n is the number of songs in the user's library. We use the model whenever the user finishes listening to a song. We take the parts of the model that correspond to that song and update the scores for all the possible songs that we could recommend next. So we only need at most n entries from the model at any one time. After we migrate the model to the SQL database, we'll save a lot of time because we won't have to load the entire thing into memory all at once. (we'll also save a lot of space since we don't have to keep the entire model in memory all the time).
 +(I've started coding this up already, by the way)
 == 5 Aug 2017 == == 5 Aug 2017 ==
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