1. What prompts the boys to decide what they're going to do today?

1. Baljeet "breaks up" with Buford, and feels so free that he wants to climb Danville Mountain

2. What are they trying to do?

1. They are climbing the mountain with Baljeet, but without making any inventions. They are having a very hard time with it

3. How does Perry get to his lair? Or disappear? Anything weird about how he's given his mission?

1. makes a puddle with the hose, a disappears down it. Doof hires "some muscle" - aka Buford

4. How does Doofenschmirz trap Perry?

1. Perry's hiding because he's a little nervous about Buford working with Doof, as Buford is actually competent at being a bully

5. What made Doof decide to build his inator?

1. no particular reason

6. What inator did he build and what does he hope to accomplish with it?

1. sculpt-inator, so he can carve a statue of himself into danville mountain

7. What is Candace doing besides trying to bust the boys? 8. What is Mom trying to accomplish for the day? 9. There are probably several times that Candace tries to show Mom what Phineas and Ferb are doing, but by sheer luck her Mom can't see it even though it's right in front of her face. How do these instances occur? 10. If Doof's invention fails, what causes that to happen? If it succeeds, in what way does this end up being a problem for him?

1. He's making a funny face when he gets scanned, so the mountain crumbles

11. What keeps Doof's invention from breaking continuity?

1. he scanned a little mountain action figure so the inator would put the mountain back 

12. What ends up cleaning up Phineas and Ferb's activities before Mom gets home?

1. the ice chalet gets crumbled up with the mountain when Doof shoots the inator

13. What is the topic of the song? Baljeet is sad about “breaking up” with Buford, and vice versa

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