1. What prompts the boys to decide what they're going to do today?

1. They ask Candace to decide what they're going to do

2. What are they trying to do?

1. Build a mom attractor as per Candace's request

3. How does Perry get to his lair? Or disappear? Anything weird about how he's given his mission?

1. the living room recliner lifts up and rotates around a secret door
2. A gorilla carries him to Doofenschmirz' because he's wearing a fruit hat

4. How does Doofenschmirz trap Perry?

1. a bouncy baby chair

5. What made Doof decide to build his inator?

1. because his brother Roger, the mayor, can't resist kissing babies that show up, but it's a risk if it cries

6. What inator did he build and what does he hope to accomplish with it?

1. a baby-cry-inator, to make babies cry when his brother kisses the mayor so they don't trust him

7. What is Candace doing besides trying to bust the boys?

1. She helps the boys build a "Mom Attractor" 

8. What is Mom trying to accomplish for the day?

1. nothing this time

9. There are probably several times that Candace tries to show Mom what Phineas and Ferb are doing, but by sheer luck her Mom can't see it even though it's right in front of her face. How do these instances occur?

1. Doof's baby-cry-inator reverses the effect of the mom attractor, so she goes with all the rest of the mom's to doof's to soothe the crying baby

10. If Doof's invention fails, what causes that to happen? If it succeeds, in what way does this end up being a problem for him?

1. perry makes the baby-cry-inator start crying and it attracts all the moms in town

11. What keeps Doof's invention from breaking continuity? 12. What ends up cleaning up Phineas and Ferb's activities before Mom gets home?

1. the Mom attractor goes to soothe the giant robot baby doof built. But their Dad is in the backyard with Mom's favorite food, so it works out

13. What is the topic of the song?

1. We are the moms and moms will always come through
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