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 + • Phineas and Ferb want to invent stuff
 + • Ferb doesn'​t say more than one or two lines per episode
 + • Mom can never see what the boys are doing
 + • Candace wants mom to see what the boys are doing
 + • Dad is chill tends to go along with things that are happening
 + • Mom and Dad love each other
 + • Isabella wants to spend time with Phineas because she likes him
 + • Buford is a stereotypical bully
 + • Buford breaks masculine stereotypes on a regular basis
 + • Baljeet loves school and getting good grades
 + • Buford bullies Baljeet, but the two are more friends than anything else
 + • Candace likes Jeremy
 + • Jeremy is also chill and tends to go along with things
 + • Perry doesn'​t talk. He just goes chghghgchcgchcgchcgchh
 + • Perry is very resourceful and creative. He always has the necessary tools for whatever job he is doing stored in his hat or something.
 + • Doofenschmirtz is evil, much in the way that some other people are plumbers or programmers. He wants to take over the tri-state area.
 + • Doof is able to create whatever invention he can think of. 
 + • These inventions must always have a self-destruct button.
 + • Doof's plan will inevitably fail for one of three reasons: a major flaw in Doof's logic about the plan, terribly bad luck, or Perry the Platypus
 + • The boy's invention must disappear before their mom can see it. Sometimes it disappears in stages.
 + • There is no normal way for Perry to disappear to his lair or receive his mission. ​
 + • Phineas and Ferb's inventions are based on technology, never magic. Sometimes it is very fantastical technology, but technology nonetheless
 + • Nobody else will 
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